Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's July already .
Half the year is gone . Have I achieved anything ? The answer would be a downright no . But that doesn't matter . Life doesn't circle around achievements . Just that you would feel really down about yourself , and you would feel useless , you would basically feel like a piece of trash . A piece of ugly trash .

I NEED to aim to do what I have never expected myself to be able to do , to turn my dreams into plans . And this term , I believe , is going to be a really really exciting and memorable term . A week has just gone by , and in this week alone , I've gone through an immense amount of happiness , sadness , and just some serious crazy feelings .

Right , half the year has gone pass so let me do some self-reflection .

In RGS , they stress academics , but above that , they focus on other stuff outside studies . An important point being leadership . I have never admitted this , but I must now . I have always been a girl who craves being a leader . Alright , craves too strong a word , let's just say ... "yearns" ? If that actually makes a difference . But yeah anyway , i have always been given a leadership position all my life (: Be it monitress or prefect exco , and the countless "leader" positions I have assumed in group work .

There's something about me that HATES working under people , it's not that I can't do it , but I feel really uncomfortable , and I don't know why . I'm trying to change this , and I'm succeeding because there's so many other influential people who I'm happy to work under :D

This year , it's no different . I had a leadership position , two in fact - one of them being class based , as vice-chairperson alongside Dawn and under our trusty classchair Angelia, whom I always go against ( But it's for the better so whatever ddd: ) . And , more importantly , House Comm . Even though PB and PSB is considered to be more prestigious , I'm not upset for not being selected for either . I'm proud to be in House , and this year , it's a lead board , it's important and I'm super happy to be given this opportunity to be in house (:

And now , this :D I can't say what "this" is yet , but it's going to be really exciting and the first time of my life that I'm doing something like that . Hopefully , I'd be able to turn my dreams into reality , can'ts into cans .


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