Monday, June 27, 2011

Today's the first day of school . I WILL SURVIVE ! it's only going to be a term (: 12 weeks . Yeah , I would survive if I didn't have exams and projects bothering me .
Back to my point though , of the first day of school blues . Well , it wasn't as bad as expected . Except for the fact that I forgot to bring my Math Worksheets but I still pulled off my act of actually having my worksheet with an old one . Yeah , so basically I escaped unscathed , which of course is really good . Pretty proud of myself although such talents is not something to be exceptionally proud of .

We had a new Science teacher . He was quite nice , I guess , from the way he talked to us and stuff . But well , first day , who would actually scold us right ? Everyone would like to portray a great first impression so as to win the favour of who they were going to be contacting with regularly . In this case , our class .

That really leads me to the point of first impressions .
You know how they always say that first impressions don't actually matter , it's your personality that counts and whatever other crap they like to say to make us feel better . ("They" doesn't actually refer to anyone but you get what I mean) But seriously no , first impressions matter and usually that constitutes how you look . Looks definitely make a whole big difference to how someone treats you .

I mean , according to a research done in 2004 , they found out that if two people take an immediate liking for each other , their relationship would be better in the long run . And immediate liking = first impressions . Or how else would you judge if you actually like a person ?

It's not only job interviews or professional stuff that you need to make a good impression on . It's everything that constitutes your daily life . I agree that beauty , although a pleasure to behold , is actually really shallow and fragile . But seriously , that's life . People judge , we'd like to think that they don't , but that's the ugly truth . Truths are always so far off from reality and pops our bubble . *sigh .

Life is so shallow .
I'd like to think that my life is meaningful but usually I don't succeed .
I don't like deceiving myself either DD:

tomorrow's the second day of school . GAMBATE ! :DD

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