Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Youth Day today .
No more Children's Day , no no (:
But yeah , are youths today way too shallow and superficial ? Is that how adults think of us ? Just a bunch of pesky little kids not taking life seriously and dwindling our lives away by consuming alcohol of puffing on cigarettes ?

Sigh , are we truly like this ? It's sad to think so . It's difficult to change people , it's difficult to change how some youths act / think . The only thing we can actually do is to prevent ourselves from falling prey to the bad influences .

Right , that's just a little "preach-of-the-day" thingo I had for Youth Day , reflecting a bit on the youths of today . Which brings me to the next point . Many things are changing , one very obvious point being the music industry . In the past , we had true and talented singers and musicians making music . Now , we have auto-tuned tunes and songs with the same kind of beats because it's kind of like the "tried-and-tested" kind of music .

If you haven't heard , there's this new song "Swagger Jagger" by Cher Lloyd that has been receiving a lot of criticism and stuff .

Yeah , when you first watch it , you might think that it's like crap and seriously the beats are strange , the lyrics meaningless . But Cher Lloyd IS definitely a talented girl , she's the third runner up in X Factor 2010 and it's the crappy music industry that made this kind of strange song to be released as a first single . Look at her audition ! She's definitely talented and has no need for autotune and stuff like that .

The worst thing and the shocker was that her record label is Syco , Simon Cowell's label and it's strange to think that this guy , with such a high standard allowed this to be released . Perhaps the music industry is just ruining everyone's minds . Sigh , it's all like booze , cigarettes , being "cool" , and all that .

No more lovely ballads . Leona Lewis' new album , under Syco as well , would be more of those electric , dance tunes and no more "ballads" anymore , as requested by Simon Cowell . This is seriously really sad . Whatever is happening to the world .

Does this reflect our generation as well ? Like , in all aspects , and not only music D:

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