last day of "real" school

Thursday, November 19, 2009

omg! seriously last day of "REAL" school liaos. meaning with my juniors... sad leh. but luckily i didnt cry(: photos photos photos(:

photo of the school! look at the sky , its going to rain!
the canteen ...
me , cheryl and rachel wee !
me and jessa (:
me and annadine (i look very ugly. my head to big.)
my dear dear 6R7! love you guys. they were playin wacko!
sheila & me! 
me and vanesia(:
bibiana and me! lover her , dearest mei!
me and weiting(:
me and carisia. i look funny..
me and rachel koh. abit dark , but neverminds
jon and me!
eunice , jasmine , me and samantha! they all so "cool" and im so childish... they're my juniors leh... lols , 
emily , shannon , jasmine and me! i look horrible. but this is the only one with shannon (its rare tat she takes photo , okay? ) so i have to bear with it. sad ):

now , for a quick recap of my day.
quite ok , the normal stuff larh. my class so "cold" , not emotional at all siah.
morning helped out in the prize presentation for pri 3 , 4 , 5. welcomed the parents. so funny. we said in 3 different languages- Good morning , 早安您好 , and selamat pagi. hahas.

then went to class , played stuff , i think. decorate the class for class party tomorrow . played wacko , dog and bone and others. recess time took some photos , and gave out a few lousy presents ... really very lousy. those who received would agree with me. but its the thought tat counts , rite? :D lols. then when doin hall duty , hugged some ppl (girls only) . xue bin wanted but i declined.. lols.

then after recess  , received pen-pal letter. so long she havent wrote to me , about 2 years lidat. she's from New York, and is a girl scout there (which means brownies)... hahas. then mr choo came and wanted help. sorted out ceramics for him together with some others . so bored , luckily had to go and 12.15pm to eat lunch cos helpin out with the p1 and p2 prize presentation. went to r8 to call rachel and sheila to eat then the class was soo emotional.  everyone was like , crying lidat. then they took alot of photos. my class was like , no diff larh. then xue bin asked again. so i agreed lorh. no harm. hahas , tomorrow gonna hug more ppl , includin boys (: then ate tom yam for the last time... ): hahas , ordered alot together with rachel wee and sheila. lols. then took photos with juniors and all. went up to hall to realised tat they dun need our help anymore -_- but still stayed back to play with sheila , rachel wee , delvin , ian poy , jonathan , wen qian and ivy. very very fun siah. 

played truth or dare , cheat , dog and bone ,  and ... i think tats all.
then went bubbletea shop with rachel , delvin , ian poy and jonathan. the boys actually were decidin to treat us budden i declined cos very weird. lols. then stayed there for awhile. talk talk talk. then no more. went home (:

okayyes , tomorrow is the class party , im soo going to cry.


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