2nd last day

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

yikes! today is the 2nd last day im gonna be with everyone , i mean , the whole school ... friday still have for the p6's.... so sad leh... and i still havent take photo with my juniors ... wth. im off schedule , yeah? today was kinda ok larh... me & leanne build tall castles using UNO cards (we copy r4 , i think... cos tat time rehearsal saw them doin , then now we oso do :D )

besties hug! me , emily and jasmine ... in the canteen
trying to complete... this one was the 1st one we did , 7 levels (8 at the bottom) ...
trala! completed! me and leanne's masterpiece.

me and her with out creation!

so we decided to challenge ourselves by doin a 9 levels (10 and the bottom) "castle"

hahas , almost completed , budden school over liaos , then teacher asked us to pack up... sads larh. wanted to complete it leh.

haiz... nevermind lorh. tomorro continue(:

tomorrow last day liaos.

i dont care.

i die die oso must take pics already. hmph.

i can achieve wat i wan(: i knoe i can :D

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