Sunday, July 5, 2009

alrighty, i was acually blog-hoppin in search of nice stuff. budden i guess i could not realli find anythin tat catches my eye.  i simply lurve tat song, i'll make it real!! im soo crazy, well, i guess tat's wat im born to be. todae i stayed at home to complete my homework and also to revise my chinese. yeps. im soo nervous for PSLE, i knoe, its like, a few months away? budden, the stress, the information... its ALL cramped in my mind!!

anyways, enough 'bout exams. currently im viewing facebook profiles... sianz sianz... lemme see hu's online on my msn. Victor, Jin Xia, KaiLing, Annadine, Jun Yuan, Jo Shen and Mr Ng. kayyes, i knoe im jus being random, but nevertheless? :]

talking to annadine now. she's being very encouraging. thanks meimei! :] you rock too! 

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