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Thursday, July 2, 2009

hey people. today i added this Plasma T.V. to my right--> oops i mean bottom right. yeahs?
lols. i think its pretty cute. instead of just putting the music, i let you watch the T.V. too. Yes, i knoe im very kind. thank you very much. the 1st video, its I'll Make It Real by Katelyn Tarver. I think not many people know about her. but as you can see, her songs are rather nice too. she participated in the 'American juniors' contest, an 'American Idol' contest for children, a few years back. she didn't win, but i guess she still has a record label.

ok, why am i tokin about her? im just tokin nonsense. sorriee. dun mind me. thanks.

right now im making a 'name card' for a tang dynasty poet, dufu, 杜甫. erm, dun get me wrong, of course this is homework, ok? im not that free. im kinda pleased with wat i had designed. its kinda nice... sorriee, im self-praising. :P

i dun like the recess these days. have to sit with your class. cannot play, must sit, no prefect hall duty... sads leh. all because of H1N1. if school closes, im happie, but not the way they are handling recess... not good. and today teacher giv us a thick thick envelope, filled with homework in the event school closes suddenly. but part of it was those in my previous post, which i completed. the rest are like, PSLE booklets, which i had already completed. you see, i soo hardworking. but there are also some maths worksheets, but its ok, i rather do work then be bored. 

anyways, i got to go now, kayyes? 

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