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Sunday, July 5, 2009

yeahs, right now im at home with my brother... who is also usin the com [the other one, like, duh!] alrights, so im bloggin, i think u are smart enuf to tell [as u are veryy smart to read this blog:D ] lols. just eaten my lunch of salmon porridge with egg... quite yummy... even though i dun realli like salmon. 

just now i did one chinese compo... u wan proof? sure... :]

lols. yeps. if u can read it, read it. but nooo plagiarism! thankies :]
hahas... so now, im currently listen to I'll make it real [yes, again...] and i have 3 windows open, www.lil-missS-unshine.blogspot.com , www.facebook.com/restaurantcity , and www.blogger.com/post-create .... yeps... tomorroe have to go school liaos. i better get back to some work [taking out PSLE booklet- HCL] :p

now, avril lavigne is screamin into my ear. lols. tokin to amanda sng [4i8] on facebook. byes ppl!:] oh ya, todae im gonna watch 东方之珠。its kinda nice. anyway, im not addicted... even if i am, todae's last episode, so it wont affect me in anyway. byes:]

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