Tai O, Hong Kong

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Eighty-two days into exchange, with fourty-six left to go. 

Finding the right words to describe the experience thus far has been quite the struggle and I'm not about to attempt to do so now. What I can say though, is how Hong Kong has been equal parts overwhelming and underwhelming simultaneously. Being in a physically small country for such a prolonged period of time, it is easy to run out of things to do. Yet, there are moments where Hong Kong pleasantly surprises with a little hidden gem that provides a whole new dimension to the region. 

Tai O fishing village is one of them. Sure, it is a tourist spot, but a relatively underrated one at that, judging by the chatter of Cantonese within earshot at every moment. And it has managed to retain its rustic charm despite being surrounded by modern development, commercialization and the towering skyscrapers that Hong Kong is famed for. 

I shall let the photographs do the talking. And I'm so happy that this was one of the better photo days - camera was cooperating and I made the effort to bring out additional lenses to swap out for certain shots. Then again, maybe it's just how alluring the location already is. There was no need for me to do anything to bring out its natural beauty. Hopefully these images do Tai O justice. 

Indeed, a very different side of Hong Kong. Undoubtedly still bustling, but with slower-paced footsteps, gentle ripples of the river, and wafts of aroma from the freshly made egg waffles lightly browned over a charcoal stove top. Not to mention the sightings of Garfield-toned kitties at every crevice and corner - perhaps all distant cousins from a single ancestor. 

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