Saturday, November 17, 2018


I have been to 
Yellow tarp goodbyes 
At HDB void decks - home. 
Incessant Taoist chants that 
Arouse the ire of a distant neighbour. 
Grief muted by the 
Cracking of peanut shells. 
Red threads around wrists
Said to ward off bad luck. 

If I ever leave
Surround me with white roses. 
Dress me well 
Though it doesn't really matter
So long I am wearing a smile
For that's how I'd want to be 
Remembered for doing most
All my life. 

Make me lie laughing
Show off those pearly whites 
I didn't brush for nothing. 
(Thanks orthodontist!) 
Highlight the pinks of my cheeks
I'd like a healthy 
Natural glow please. 

Hush little baby don't you cry.
Celebrate a life well lived
The little things. 
Bask in the joy of the company
Of the ones whom I love
And is loved by. 
Love one another.

When all that is done
Scatter me through the ocean
I am not a ceramic plaque 
Not to be reduced to a tiny headshot. 
Hold on dearly to 
The words I have written
The photographs I have taken. 

I truly hope that 
What I have shared with the world
Is what it keeps of me. 

(Note: Romanticizing death can be a dangerous, dangerous thing. I am aware of this, and do not advocate for it. However, penning this allowed me to feel things that the usually-emotionless me doesn't and has in fact given me a multiplied zest for life.) 

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