Grad Night 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

On the day of Grad Night, I took leave from my internship and stayed home eating junk food and watching High School Musical 3. I have to admit (albeit slightly embarrassingly) that the High School Musical trilogy meant a lot to me since primary school and all throughout my school life, I constantly tried to look for similarities between my life and that of Gabriella Montez although there were far and few. So yes, even on the day of Grad Night - or "prom", as most preferred to call it - I was still watching the last installment of the movie hoping that everything will turn out like in the movies. 

Of course, it didn't. But I do think that the night turned out slightly better than I had expected and I am glad that I went in the end even though I had initially not planned on going. At least, it did offer me some semblance of closure to my junior college life, in the form of glamorous and very likely some of the last photographs that I will be taking with some people. The fact that it was held at Shangri-La was a nice touch for me personally, and possibly most of the RGS girls. As my dad was sending me to the hotel that evening, we took the same route - along the highway and through Balmoral Road - the same one we used to take for four years every single morning. 

"Back to where you started," he said as he drove through the familiar, yet distant roads.  

And so there I was, and had a pretty enjoyable time in my mum's jumpsuit (yes I didn't spend a cent on it hehe plus I fulfilled my dream of wearing "pants" to prom) and 10cm high platform pumps that killed my feet. So here are a couple of the many photos I took to make sure I took something away from the night... I mean, how often will you catch me wearing make up? (The answer is never). 



Yijing - this photo is such an accurate representation of our friendship, I love it. 

Chan Wai


Chen Su Lan - Kevin, Jon, Ben, Kenny, Abraham, Adeline, Colette, Isabel, Ailica

Min Xin 

Habitat - Ben, Ailica, Tiff 

15A01C - Sheena, Celeste, Jamie, Dominique, Lorraine, Joey, Qile, Nicholas, Jun Lei, Josiah, Wilson, Ariwan, Ji Hwan


Chang Kyu 


Hannah and Isabel 

International Understanding - Rachel Chan, Yijing, Minxin, Melvina, Ching Wei, Charmain, Christal, Kelvinder, Adrielle



Bellyboings - Sarah, Priya, Wang You, Phionna 



Interact BOD - Judy, Cheryl, Bozhou, Meixian, Thiri, Isabel 

Not exactly a night to remember, but most definitely a good end to two (or really - six) years I do hope that I will remember for a long time to come. Raffles has given me so much more than I ever imagined it will and I will always be thankful for all the opportunities and people that magically found their way into my life. I have absolutely no regrets choosing RGS as a 12 year old kid. Thanks for the ride! 

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