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Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's no secret that I love Christmas themed snacks/ toys/ decorations/ anything even though my family doesn't exactly celebrate Christmas very elaborately so when Christina sent me a screenshot of this adorable high tea set at Boufe Cafe, we decided to make reservations to spend our annual Christmas meet up + gift exchange + get fat day number 7 (or 8? we've both lost count) there. In fact, according to Facebook, our meet up yesterday marked exactly three years since our first get fat day together at Orchard Central where we ate EWF's salty skinny wings, and back when Orchard Central wasn't crowded at all (it was such a ghost town). On a sidenote, EWF @ OC was asked to leave by the management by the end of this year apparently to make way for an overseas brand and that makes me very sad, not just because I've spent quality time with so many people there but also because it's so disheartening to see local management not supporting local brands. 

That said, it's been three years of quality meet ups with this girl where we basically just sit somewhere and eat, and talk about life. I love how we don't partake in any other activities at all when we are together. Thank you for being such a constant ever since secondary one, and even though Guides is a fading memory, one thing's for certain - you made it a lot better (not that it wasn't good - I really enjoyed my CCA) and to know that I've gotten at least one good friend from the whole experience is a nice thought. I can talk to you about almost everything and you make me very comfortable. I think we've really grown up since our fetus days but at the same time we're still so full of nonsense, and I hope it stays like that for a long, long time to come. 

Anyway, this is probably the most pricey food item we've ever eaten together (this set for two costs $59.90) - trust me I don't normally splurge like that - but the components of the set were all very dainty and intricate and it is obvious that a lot of effort has gone into the preparation of it. Of course, it was gorgeous to look at and take photographs of, which in my opinion is what cafe food is all about nowadays. If I had wanted a good, hearty meal I would've gone to a hawker centre (heh). Taste wise, the set wasn't fantastic but it was fun to eat. 

The savoury items include dragon sandwiches (the bread is coloured naturally with dragon fruit), crab meat croissants, scallop and prawn canapes and smoked salmon profiteroles while the sweets include matcha cakes, strawberry shortcakes, mille feuilles and salted caramel macarons. Good variety, I would say. 

Chris :-) She enjoyed the croissant, the mille feuille and the strawberry shortcake the most. 

I liked the salmon profiterole and the matcha cake (surprisingly too, because it looked the most simple out of everything). Oh, and the mille feuille was very well done, so unlike another one I tried recently where the pastry was obviously store-bought. 

This was my first time at Boufe and the ambience was lovely. Although the place is not exactly accessible by public transport (Papa Chris very kindly sent us there - thank you!), I think it's worth the effort and time travelling there. They have directions on their website for people who would like to head there via public transport. The entire Phoenix Park premises reminded me of Gillman Barracks with colonial-style buildings with white walls, perfect for Instagram photo-taking. And the interior of the cafe was white-based which almost always works, plus we got to sit next to their Christmas tree so that made us quite happy. 

There was also a Christmas tree made out of two ice cream cones and a whole load of meringue. Most other people we saw didn't touch/ finish their trees but I really liked the meringue leaves even though it was just sugar so I plucked them out one by one and ate it. 

The Christmas set came with two drinks - I got the Apple Honey Iced Tea while Chris got the Iced Chocolate. She really liked her drink, and so did I for mine. It was very light and fragrant. Note that reservations have to be made in advance for this particular set and if I'm not wrong the weekends have already been fully booked. 

The staff were very accommodating when it came to photo-taking in/ around their premises (I mean, of course it makes for good publicity for them as well) but they even went to the extent to come out of the cafe to help patrons take them so that was a nice touch. I liked how Chris and I wore black/ white which helped us fit in with the whole aesthetic of the cafe.

What a wonderful way to spend my last Saturday of 2015 in Singapore.

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