Annual Assembly 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Can I just say that I am so incredibly proud of 13atch and RGGuides? (':

Because we managed to put up an amazing Annual Assembly for the Guides, Scouts and friends who came to watch us. (And yes, I am not afraid to say that we put up an amazing performance because I know that we all did put in our very best efforts - batch and juniors alike - and that is really what makes everything so beautiful).

To be honest, at the start of the planning and preparing process, many of us had so many doubts. There was so much conflict with regards to the date itself. Would we have enough time to plan if it were to be held so early in the year? There was so many constraints we had to take into consideration and we started everything with lots of pressure to complete things in time. Then, we decided to take a risk - AA is traditionally held in the amphitheatre but we wanted it to be held in the hall this year. Will we be able to pull off such a major decision? Well, we managed :-)

I am so incredibly proud of 13atch. Honestly, despite tension, fatigue, anger, frustration, deadlines and other negative factors that we faced during the prep process, we stuck together - we gave in, we understood, we supported and we showed love towards one another. 4 years have passed and here we are - we've gone through our last March Camp together, we've put up our last Annual Assembly (the best I've experienced) and soon, Striping will come before we know it (just thinking about it makes me very very sad) so let's make the most out of the rest of our time together.

13atch, thank you for always being there - thank you for the late nights, thank you for all the dancing (wow we did a lot of dancing! From Tik Tok to Boyfriend to what we did last night), thank you for the late dance practs, thank you for the star-gazing in the amphi, thank you for the madness, thank you for the Whatsapp spam, thank you for being you. We've all grown up so much, in a good way and it is scary how time just flew past like that. There is just so much emotion that I would like to express, except that my lack of good vocabulary is limiting me a great deal :(

I would like to thank every single 13atchmate (and other Guides who have helped me in this entire AA process) and so I shall :-)

Let's start with my dear fellow Concert Comm I/C - Valerie! :)
Ahh we did it! Thanks for always being there for me for everything - not only just for Guides. Since Year One, we were the only two Guides in 104/204 and you've always been there for me! Campaigning for Waddle, Waddle Dramafest, and now Concert Performance! Thank you Val, you're an amazing person - thank you for your understanding during times when I was too busy and this entire performance would not have been possible without you! You played a bloody good Potter as well. Love ya!

My lovely minions - ChristinaHui Wen! :)
Thanks so much for being such lovely batchmates - the two of you are superbly cute (I'm very sure the crowd fell in love with the two of you) Jack would not be Jack without her best minions (yes it's the two of you, not the jugglers hehe) Love ya'll! 

My patrolmate and dance partner, Jessica! :)
And the lovely Dance I/Cs, Vanessa, Christina, Sharmaine and Grace! :)
Thank you Jess for being such a wonderful friend - I'm so proud of you this year haha and thanks for being an amazing dance partner (you have a secret talent for dancing) and patrolmate! You've made my transition to 02 Ixora a lot better and I realize that you're actually a very nice and sweet person despite the tough exterior you have heh. Love ya!
Thank you Van and Chris for choreographing such an amazing dance for the Year Four batch - despite all the problems and tension faced, thank you for everything you've done in helping the entire batch look good because we would look so cool without you guys! Van, you did incredible as our emcee as well! Love ya'll! 
Thank you Shar and Grace for choreographing the wonderfully cute batch dance for the Year Ones :) I'm really sure they appreciate the two of you very much and you guys have been incredible batchmates for the past three years, I love y'all!

The wonderful main cast - Raven, Brittany and Penelope! :) I meant, Ragini, Celine and Fatima! :) 
Thank you for putting so much effort into your roles - you guys did amazing, amazing, amazing (':
Ragini, you did fantastic as Raven. You acted so very well and really brought out the character! I'm sure the audience (especially Minglu) had lots of fun watching you on stage. I know that it wasn't easy, having to memorize the crazy script despite having so much on your plate, but you did well and you did it!
Celine, oh let's go on a crocodile ride, shall we? :) Thank you for playing Brittany so well and calling Jack cute, though slimy. Again, it must have been crazy having to memorize that long script and in fact, you were one of the characters who finished memorizing really early (even when we first started rehearsals, you were already pretty familiar with your lines) - Concert Comm truly appreciates that, so thank you :) 
Fatima, you are truly amazing! Thank you for putting so much effort into AA - not only was your acting as Penelope wonderful, you did a fantastic job as Costumes & Props I/C (all of us looked so good in our costumes and the props were so realistic). Despite all that, you had to balance PGA and academic responsibilities, so thank you and have a good rest! :) 
Love y'all!

BROHOHOHOS - Estee, Val, Grace and Michelle! :)
Ahh thank you lovely scripters - without you guys, AA would not have been possible at all! (And don't worry, even if some people think that "The Author" was the one "who made it all possible", I'll always know that you guys are the ones who truly made the magic happen)
Estee, you've been an amazing batchmate and you played Jack-waitforit-son really well despite all the awkwardness! It must have been difficult but you pulled it off and thank you for everything you've done for AA - all the late nights, all the script editing, thank you :)
(I've thanked Grace & Val above already)
Michelle, ahh I can't believe 3 years have passed since we were innocently in 03 Mynah laughing like maniacs all day long. You've been an amazing batchmate and you're always there for me despite everything! You played a hilarious Ron last night - honestly you're the most suited for it and my Guiding journey would be so different without your company! :) 
Love y'all!

Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy voice my lovely Jing En :)
Hehhehee thanks for being such an amazing amazing person, Jing En! Honestly, you're so wonderful - thank you for being my 13atchmate and also an incredible Waddle Vice Capt. You've helped me so much over the years, I really do not have words to express the gratitude I feel towards you. Thanks for always being so kind, helpful and understanding whenever times got tough and always sticking with and believing in me. We still have a bit more to go so let's jiayou together :) Love ya!

(okay at this point of time, I realize that I did not take photos with everyone so the rest of my thank you dedications shall come without photos :( so sorry!)

To the wonderful "Author", Yi Xi :)
You were so amusing yesterday - the audience absolutely adored you! Thank you for being such a cute and wonderful 13atchmate and honestly, you did such an incredible job with the souvenirs - they were all so professional and well made (': Thank you for putting so much effort into it, it must not have been easy. And thank you for spicing up our dances and "making it all happen". Love ya!

To Professor Snape, Tianling :)
Thank you for freaking out with me about Literature AA, exchanging eye contact during Lit lessons when our lovely teacher says something weird and being such an amazing 13atchmate! You were such a fabulous imitation of Professor Snape, there really isn't anyone in our batch that can ever pull off what you just did last night. Thank you for accompanying me in running like mad on the night of the RI01 campfire - you're such a wonderful batchmate, love ya! 

To Hermoine, Dini :)
You are the perfect person to play Hermoine - I really liked it when you walked around yesterday feeling like a sheep just so your hair would be "as curly as fried bacon". You were truly into your role and I'm very sure the audience loved you! Also, you have been such a wonderful Backdrop I/C - the backdrop was stunning so thank you, love ya! 

To the "teacher", Edina :)
Thank you Edina for being such a crazy batchmate - you played a really awesome teacher even though it was a minor role! I was pretty shocked during rehearsal yesterday HAHA cos you were really good. Thanks for being a batchmate with such a bubbly and positive energy, love ya! 

To Faith, even though you weren't present yesterday :)
Thank you for being my 13atchmate for the past few years and you've come so far, to become the deputy speaker of Congress, jiayou for everything! 

Finally, and most important, NAP & the CLs, CAM :)
Nicole, Ailica, Pan Wen, Gong and Mae 
You guys have done an incredible job in ensuring the success of AA 2013 as well as Guides as a whole and to be honest, I don't think I can ever thank y'all enough for the sacrifices you guys have made for this event and this CCA. 
Nicole, you've been a great AA OIC - this event will not be the same without you, you're always looking so stressed out during the AA prep period so I hope that you will take a good NAP and really rest because you've done great and I hope you're proud of yourself because I am. On a more personal note, thanks for being a lovely batchmate and a lovely ex-patrolmate in Year Three - you're amazing and I love ya!
Ailica, oh you crazy person - I really hope you stop staying outside for so long just to keep yourself awake - it's extremely unhealthy not to mention dangerous! Work might seem like everything now but 10 years down the road you might regret it so please take a break periodically, don't overwork yourself please :) I'm sorry if I have not been the best Concert Comm I/C but thank you for being so understanding and you have been an amazing batchmate and AA would be nothing without you, I love ya!
Pan Wen, oh you're another mad kid - I cannot believe you did not sleep for the entire night before AA but I hope that you find that everything you did has paid off because I'm pretty sure it did. I hope you rest well after all this is over because you truly deserve it! You did a fantastic job and I'm so proud of you! Jiayou for PGA and I love ya!

Mae, thanks for being such a wonderful CL - you're such a cute, funny and amazing person, I'm so glad to have known you! Thanks for sacrificing so much for this CCA and making it so incredible. Every week, you guys spend so much time to plan sessions, 13atch really appreciates it! You were such a cute crew member yesterday and thank you for standing in so last minute and doing a great job as Andrea too! Love ya!
Gong, you were such an incredible emcee yesterday - you're so quick-witted and you practically light up the entire hall with your craziness :) Thank you for being such a wonderful CL - I have so much respect as to how you are able to balance all your commitments, thanks so much for everything, I'm so glad to have a friend like you! Love ya! 

To Concert Comm, both Tech and Performance;
Thank you guys for all that y'all have done - there are no words to express how much 13atch is grateful to you guys. Coming early in the morning of AA, staying back till late during sessions and simply always being there and taking pride in the responsbilities y'all were given. We've trusted the right people and I'm so glad for that. Love ya'll! 

Cannot bloody believe AA'13 is over. 
Thank you for the million memories. 
Jack says goodbye :) 

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