Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello everyone :)
I am pleased to say that I am still alive and have survived the horrible past week, but not without the amazing support of my friends (and a fair bit of tears but that's secondary).

The Vectors Math Test, History PT and Literature AA (1) are finally out of my life. Honestly, one week ago, I never thought that I would pull through this period of time but I did and that's really all that matters. I wouldn't have managed to it without knowing that I had fab friends around me who could understand and support me. 

Thank you MPP group for tolerating me when I couldn't really contribute to our Powerpoint presentation because I was multi-tasking and doing my History and Literature at the same time :( 
Thank you Ailica and Fatima for affirming me when I started tearing in the canteen after Guides due to all the stress from History PT and Annual Assembly and House stuff. 
Thank you Waddle IHG Games OT, Sports Capts and my vice capts for being so on-task even though it's a crazy period for every single one of us. 
Thank you Caitlin for helping to settle most of the PB MRS stuff this week :)

Thank you everyone for forgiving me when I wasn't in the best of moods and always being there for me :)

So glad this week is over (': It only gets crazier from here - next week I have Literature AA (2), House Pract, and Annual Assembly 2013. We can do this, 13atch! 

And I realize that I've been sounding like a really weak and insecure person on my blog/ Twitter but I'd just like to assure everyone that is it just a passing phrase and I'm pretty sure I'll get up again with confidence soon enough! Besides, a little insecurity just makes a person even stronger. I know that I cannot afford to let anyone down, especially Waddle and 13atch - I'll definitely do my best to meet all expectations! If you will, please give me some time :) I will strive to be a better House Captain and a better Concert Performance I/C!

Thank you in advance :) 

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