Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So, I've decided to take some time off from my homework schedule on a weeknight to blog! I truly find blogging extremely therapeutic and I'm definitely in need to lighten a bit of stress off my load. 

To be honest, there are many more people in my batch having greater need of stress relief as compared to myself due to their subject combis - it's definitely quite a taxing period for Year Threes as many of them have an insane amount of PTs/AAs (in other words, graded projects that require not only brain cells but also creative cells to impress the teachers). My current load's standing at a Literature PT, a Social Studies PT and a Chemistry AA! I'm so glad I got Chinese PT off my chest today, even though I did terribly, it's over. The current crazy workload haunting my batch is: Literature PT, Social Studies PT, Chemistry AA, Chinese PT, Biology PT, Geography PT (edit: AND SS PT!). All in the same time period. Not to mention we have an upcoming SA on Thursday - Philosophy. (Not that I think anyone would spend a lot of time on that subject) 

For myself, I've really been taking it slow and I feel like I'm still enjoying life as it goes on - something I don't feel very often when I'm in school, especially in the midst of the peak academic period in Term 3. There's something really wrong, I don't think I'm taking academics seriously enough. The start of the year felt the worse, I was just completely stressed out but I think it's because I was going through a lot of pressure in my leadership journey. 

Life is awfully unpredictable and sometimes, reading back to my older blog posts (this is not an indication that you should read my previous blogposts cos they are terrible) I realized how much I've grown and how naive and innocent I was back then, taking every little success I earned so seriously and being happy with the slightest of pleasures. I'm not saying that life now is horrid but I really wish I could go back to the day where days were truly carefree, where I went to school without worrying about anything. 

Recently, on Facebook, there has been a picture circulating with the text "letter to my 10 year old self" on it, and many of my friends were sharing it, together with well, a letter, to their 10 year old self. My favourite poet/rapper of all time, George Watsky wrote a poem a while back entitled "Letter to My 16 year old Self" and it's one of my favourite poems of his. I have always wanted to write one, but I didn't exactly know what age I should choose since I obviously couldn't write to my 16 year old self - I'm only 15. Seeing the interesting letters to my friends' 10 year old selfs, I wanted to write one to the 10 year old Li Yin as well, so I'm going to try doing it in a poem format.

Li Yin, 
Stop being so obsessed with sudoku. 
There's no one to tell you
If that number you place there is false or just true. 

But always remember, 
Don't let anybody tell you that you don't have
What it takes. 
Because trust me, you do. 

The road might seem long but the journey's really all too short. 
I know what you want because well, I'm the future you. 
If I were you, I'd fooooooooocus.  


Focus, Li Yin, Focus!
There's no point being distracted in thaaaat. 
It'll end up being a braaaaat.

Continue playing hopscotch
And the little game of boys-catch-girls
If anything, just run
Don't get caught. 
Or not. 

If you think life is tough, just remember
It'll pass, it'll pass, it'll all just pass. 
Lift your head up and do your best
You'll survive and gain no less. 

Good luck. 

(Ahh this is so sketchy don't blame me it was written in half an hour. I shall lie to myself that I made it deliberately simplistic so my 10 year old self will be able to understand it.) 

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