Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy (belated) 47th Birthday Singapore! (:

National Day is probably one of the national holidays I most look forward to, apart from Chinese New Year and Christmas because I sincerely love this country and being able to feel the spirit and experience the tangible signs of love for the country means so much to me. Celebrations in my school are also quite a large scale thing, with so many people putting so much effort into it. 

I felt really happy being able to witness the parade put up by the Uniformed Groups CCAs and seeing my juniors march pretty perfectly made me feel so undoubtedly proud of them. The only thing that bothered me greatly was that this large hoard of fairly translucent flies just kept flying around my head throughout the entire parade section of the celebrations and I felt extremely tempted to run to the toilet to wash and chase all the flies away. It was a horrible and frightening experience with shivers going down my spine every minute due to the level of uncomfort I was feeling. - I kept wondering if I did anything special to my hair that day but I don't remember switching shampoos or anything. So glad they dispersed when we moved to the amphitheatre for the real "show". 

Thank you Year 4s for putting up such wonderful performances (: I truly admire your batch for being the batch that's ever so bonded, that's ever so inspiring and ever so amazing. Thank you OT for making everything possible - the celebrations really made me feel immense Singaporean pride - it was most definitely a success. 

Speaking of Singapore, this is probably pretty late news - but thank you Team Singapore for doing so well in the London Summer Olympics. Two medals is a pretty incredible feat for a small country like ours (': Feng Tianwei, Li Jiawei and Wang Yuegu, you guys are amazing and thank you so much for sacrificing so much for our country. 

I know that there seems to be a lot of controversy about how these athletes are not 100% made-in-singapore but are instead foreign talents, which is indeed true but I don't see why people are creating such a big fuss and complaining that the medal is not deserved because it's not won by a true blue Singaporean. It really scares me, how narrow minded some people really are. 

I mean, sometimes do try to practice a little bit of empathy. Imagine yourself in the other person's shoes - the athlete herself has already agreed to play for our country and that decision must have been a difficult one to make. Think about it, especially China with it's strong sense of patriotism embodied in every citizen, how would the athlete feel to be sort of "betraying" their own country? (for the lack of a better word)  And now we're faulting them for not being true blue Singaporeans? I believe we should really be more appreciative that these athletes have managed to get Singapore on the medal standings in the Games and feel proud for them, if not feel proud of Singnapore. Perhaps, I wouldn't expect these people to show any sense of pride but really, if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say it. 

Anyway, come National Day, come the long weekends! (:
Felt pretty productive so far, and today I went out with a CELL of JELLO (Waddle Captains 12 and 13!) Basically CELL stands for Chunyen, jingEn, Louisa and Liyin and JELLO stands for Jing En Linjiaying Liyin and Ooikaryn! 

We had dinner at F.I.S.H at Somerset 313 and it was a good break going out and taking a break from all the work. It feels good spending time (that did not concern Waddle work related stuff) with them and I'm so fortunate to have them in my life, really (': After we had Fish and Chips (at least most of us had that, no idea what Louisa got), we had dessert (coupled with lots of camwhoring) before going shopping! Window shopping heh. 

Camwhoring at F21! (:

Thank you for today, CELL of JELLO (: It was really enjoyable!

This is such a haphazard post, apologies for that, but did I mention that public transport gives me the most inspiration for poetry? So lucky to have the existence of public transport.

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