Saturday, May 12, 2012

I should really drill such a mindset into myself.
Because really, I work so much better when I'm happy and when I enjoy what I'm doing.
Today was a very happy day because ORA is finally over and it wasn't as bad as I expected. 

Yesterday was really terrible though, but I'm so glad Kaiying and I found joy in the horrible things we were doing. 
We were supposed to transport Raffles Products to RI for the booth setup in preparation for ORA the next day. But, we had to collect the Raffles Badges from the supplier in Geylang as well. The Raffles Products were very unfortunately, extremely heavy and the two of us couldn't possibly carry it ourselves. We felt quite lost and really frustrated. Afterwards, we decided to just bring a portion of it and come back in the morning today to get the rest of the products - since we would have our cars today. 
However, it was still really really heavy and we had difficulty carrying the products to flag a cab down. But we managed to do it with blisters forming. We went to this warehouse building in Geylang with all our goods and collected the badges. It was just quite funny laughing at our own plight. Even the badge supplier felt quite sad for us (: 
We finally made it to RI at around 4.30pm! RIPB allowed us to use their room to put our merchandise, thank you all so much! (: Kaiying and I tried to set up our booth... but in the end we didn't really do anything,  wasting about 3 hours of our life in RI. 
I was so caught up with all these that I forgot to eat lunch that day and was so tired that I fell asleep in the middle of a discussion, I felt so bad this morning when I realized I slept halfway. 
But it was extremely fun spending time with Kaiying, she's quite an entertaining junior, I'm so glad I have her company and assistance in PB's ORA booth! 

So today was ORA.
Got to RGS at 6am. Kaiying, myself and our two dads helped us carry the Raffles Merch into our cars before going to RI and unloading everything! We decorated the booth pretty fast and I thought it looked really quite pretty and appealing. 
Soon, more people were coming in, and I saw many people I knew! It was pretty cool actually, having ORA as general event for Rafflesians to come together. Our Raffles Merchandise were selling pretty well too, I felt so happy throughout the entire of ORA, despite being extremely tired. 

Yanling! (: 
(Heh do you see a butterfly on my face? Choo drew that, it's really pretty!)

Clarissa! (:
It was quite a pleasant surprise when she recognized me; she was my PSL when I was in sec one, it's crazy how time just flew by. It's still quite crazy to think that I'm now already in sec three and everyone's just growing up so fast. 

ORA this year didn't had much of a carnival-fun atmosphere but more of a 'buy my stuff' atmosphere. 
But perhaps it's just cos I was too stressed out and mostly hanged out at our PB booth. 

Apart from having pretty good and smooth sales today, two things made me really happy today. I have such a warm happy and fuzzy feeling in my heart and belly. I don't think it's very appropriate to elaborate on the incidents today but today was such a wonderful day!

I'm really quite screwed for the PTs and AAs I'm currently working on now but I'm a happy happy kid and that will push me on (: 

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