Saturday, May 5, 2012

That photo above has no mel (who was selflessly being the photographer) so shall put a really horrible photo of the two of us here: 

Thursday was so amazing, even though it was a a day before SA day. 
Had MPP meeting after school and it was at our student mentors' school. In other words, it was held at NUS Law Faculty, which was really cool since it was my first time there. 

Mel's mum came to pick us up from school first and we got lunch from The Burger Shack before heading to NUS. We ate at the canteen, which was rather small and disappointing. 

Mel was taking unglam photos of all of us when we were eating, that girl is so amusing! Oh yes, credits to her for all these photos. Then we went to the bookshop where we met a pretty cool law undergrad who was really talkative before meeting our mentors.

Quite proud of us, our student mentors seem quite happy that we finished so much stuff, although there was still a lot of work to be done to tidy everything up. But it seems as though MPP is coming to an end already, because we have sort of finished the bill amendment and done most of our presentation. It was such a short journey, but it was so fulfilling and interesting. Getting into debates at the end of the year would be really crazy but I hope we get in, because preparing for it will definitely be a whole new experience even if none of us have good linguistic abilities. 

After the meeting, Sam and I were so lost and walked one huge round around NUS before cutting through the Botanic Gardens to the MRT. 

Friday was a really fulfilling day too. 

Started out with SAs - Philosophy, and Social Studies!
Philosophy, well, is philosophy after all. Social Studies is probably one of the most interesting subjects so I enjoyed writing the essay.

Afterwards, there was a mad rush to settle ORA stuff, followed by Waddle Housecomm appraisals. Again, it was quite refreshing to be seeing the different views given by various house commers and sometimes, it's crazy how their views and mine are so different, not in a bad way. Perhaps it's really the perspective people see things from. It felt even stronger when I went for a dialogue dry run/ meeting with some other House people later on. There's really so many things that have to be said, and so many things that have to be settled and laid down right, right from the start and I'm personally rather confused at the various problems that are happening because they are such sticky and tricky concepts to absorb and understand. 

But there are so many things that I truly feel strongly for and hopefully I'll be given the opportunity to make things right if my time ever comes (which I kind of doubt nowadays) and assist in whatever in anyway I can. I should really try to speak up more, there's nothing wrong with saying anything "wrong" or "incoherent". The dry run lasted pretty late into the night and I got to see the school at night and it looked so much more different. Not the physical appearance but rather the spirit and atmosphere it gives off. It was so... peaceful and tranquil but very empty as well and I felt a little strange and it made me truly appreciate the RGS culture because it is the girls that makes my schools the bustling place it is in the day, which to be honest, is something that I enjoy unknowingly but don't appreciate. 

Today was such a wonderful and relaxing day. 

I have always been wanting to go out to some park to just unwind but I just couldn't find the time. Since Monday's a holiday and I have confidence that I would still be able to do my PTs and AAs in time, I went out with my fellow Juju, Emily! (:

I think it's really amazing how the two of us still remain best friends despite being in different schools and having rather different interests. We can just talk for hours about anything and it never gets very awkward. Hopefully we can remain like that despite our increasingly busy schedules, especially next year since she has O levels and it's going to be crazy for myself too. We really shouldn't let past friendships fade away (':

So, we had a picnic at the Botanic Gardens today! I'm rather tired, so let's just let visuals tell the story. 

Picnic needs... food! 8)

Judging by normal bread standards, this bread tastes pretty good! 

These cheese cubes are so amazing (': The pink ones taste exactly like ham! Food engineers are crazy amazing.

What's a sandwich without some ham? (Okay maybe it's just me)

Gummies (': 


Then, we went to Island Creamery after spending a whole day chilling out at Botanic Gardens, which was such a refreshing experience without any stranger-human interaction and no one judges you in a park. I'm feeling so much happier and less stressed! Ice cream at the end of the day just made everything just better (although I don't really like ice cream). Had Reverso (best flavour ever!) and chocolate peanut butter!

Thank you Emily for today (:

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