Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm really glad I didn't give up on myself during this stressful period! 

PIT camp was over a few days ago and it was such a great experience for myself, really.
We welcomed the new little twos, who named themselves Favilla and although I too, was new to the board, it felt quite wonderful to be the seniors to them and it had suddenly struck me that I would be sec three next year. It's such a strange and surreal feeling. It seemed just yesterday that I first stepped into RGS as a year one and next year (or the end of this year), I'll probably be on duty welcoming those little ones on Reporting Day, and be involved in Orientation 2012 as well. 

It's so strange to be growing up so fast, but I'm truly glad to be given such opportunities to lead in so many things. It's going to be quite stressful (it already is) but I'm quite ready and after PIT camp, I have really grown and bonded with Fiducia so much more and I know that I am not alone and have so many others to turn to for help and support.

Remember I used to ponder if it was a right choice in joining PB when I already had so many other commitments? Well, now I have an answer, and that it IS indeed a correct choice and I really have no regrets whatsoever. I'm so glad to have been given such a wonderful opportunity and I'm going to make use of it and do the best I can in everything assigned to me. I'm actually quite relieved I'm not in Reporting Day or Orientation Comm though. At least I'll get a breather :D

I have been so lethargic and tired recently, I sometimes don't even use the computer and it's difficult to update! How I wish I had a blogger app on my phone but ahh well. I'm quite pumped for this tuesday! Going to Universal Studios with Emily! (Y) :D Yes, my second time there but I love the atmosphere at theme parks, it's such a happy and gay feeling!

On a sidenote, to "):" who tagged "arrogant" at my tagbox, I'm not quite sure what caused you to say that but I don't and will never take offence to that. Smile, friend, because that curve on your face is definitely the most important curve that you should ever have, really (: 

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