Saturday, November 12, 2011


okay I didn't really lie, I just didn't stay true to my promise.
I promised to update this blog daily with the 6 life principles thing but I didn't. I'm sorry, I was way too tired for the past two days. I did, however, still stick to these 6 principles and am very proud of myself :D

Putting that aside, I'm very very relieved. The past week has been really hectic, rushing to school during the holidays, checking my email every two seconds because there always IS an unread email. 

Shanisse, Valencia and myself were the I/Cs for Recreation Day which was a day to introduce the new sec one PITs into the board through fun activities and we didn't have any subcomms which was quite sad. We had to cater food, plan games, gather logistics, get prizes and whatnot. 

So yesterday was the day. In the morning we had Formal Farewell which was also planned by Fiducians to bid the Foveoans goodbye. It was really well planned and everything, all of us were dressed in the formal attire which was quite cute a sight in my opinion since I've never seen our entire batch in that attire! The court shoes were so painful and I think I looked very uncomfortable walking around like that. I wanted to look taller so I got the pair which had relatively high heels and my feet were killing me the whole time. But my legs looked so perfect in the stockings x) Really, it's like hairless and flawless smooth skin. This sounds a bit wrong but okay! I'm quite incoherent now, I apologize, I'm still quite tired from yesterday. Formal Farewell went very smoothly, I'm so proud of my batch. 

Recreation Day was next. We bade goodbye to the sec fours in the morning and we welcomed the sec ones in the afternoon. The three of us were so nervous because we were unsure if the games and activities we had planned would hype everyone up. Surprisingly, everything went better than expected and everyone was having a lot of fun, really. I know I did. It was quite a surreal (not to mention a bit strange) feeling having to be one of the I/Cs leading PB in all these activities since I was relatively new to the board as well but I'm really relieved that everything went smoothly and it looked quite well-planned from the outside I think. Seriously, it's such a huge burden off my shoulders. I have been worried about Rec Day for so long! 

Yesterday was particularly meaningful for me. Yes, it was the first event I planned for PB (not to mention participate in xD) and to be honest, before yesterday, I didn't have that good of an impression of PB because I didn't really bond with my batch. Being a second intake was more difficult than expected because everyone already knew one another so getting to know them would prove to be a bit more of a challenge. They have been really welcoming and friendly, perhaps the problem was just me. But after yesterday, I think I have really bonded and got to know so many more of my fellow Fiducians and I can't wait for PIT camp although I will have to go through some stuff with the sec one PITs because I missed them last year.

Next week's gonna be hectic but I can't wait! (since I'm not actually the one planning all these activities)
JIAYOU to everyone still planning! 

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