Friday, June 10, 2011

a song to start off , shall we ? It's going to be Emotional Rollercoaster by an unfortunately underrated artist , Vivian Green .

Seriously , you HAVE got to listen to this soulful song . The singer sang it so beautifully and right now , the lyrics are exactly how I'm feeling , except that it's not caused by love or men or relationships and these kinds of things .

I'm just kind of stuck in this emotional rollercoaster , and no matter how I tried to get out , I just can't . It's a complicated mix of various emotions , not all negative . And that just really makes it worse . The people who went for the class chalet from Monday till Wednesday will probably realize that cos I did a terrible job in hiding my emotions . But anyway , the class chalet's the reason why I was missing from the blogosphere for a pretty substantial amount of time .

During this whole class chalet , I've been taken on a ride on this emotional rollercoaster within me and I guess I just shocked a lot of people , so I'm really sorry if I have affected anybody in any way because I truly honestly didn't mean to do anything that I did . You can't stop a rollercoaster in the middle of a ride just because you can't take it , you just have to barf or something . Likewise , I just couldn't stop myself and that eternal whirl of emotions and I just probably pissed lots of the people around me . I'm sorry .

Anyhow , the chalet has been so awesome and I HAVE to write about this whole experience in depth . It's definitely a memory worth remembering , no matter the ups and downs .

Day 1 (06 june'11)

Made our way to Sentosa from Vivocity where Dawn and her kind Dad kindly transported our really really large bags containing 3 days worth of necessities to our chalet in Pasir Ris . We were supposed to have picnic but it was so hot , everyone just put their food on the picnic mats and ran into the sea while the food baked .

Boy , was the water cooling !(: Everyone was just really really comfortable in the water and was relaxing . Great start to three days of being together , I was really happy with the outcome of the sentosa trip . Then a few people decided to swim across to the other side of palawan beach and the lifeguard just kept shouting . Then , when they reached the other side , the lifeguard scolded them . Oops .

But anyway , a lot of us when to the rocks to sit and rest but alas ! Another accident occured :/ Leizuo's little toe was cut by the sharp rocks and there was this deep huge gash across and blood was oozing out profusely . When I say profusely , I'm not trying to be cheem by using a primary three composition vocabulary regular . But I really mean PROFUSELY . The gash was so deep and there was so much blood ! And to worsen it , the water was a salt-infused . It would have been really really painful for Leizuo but she kept saying it wasn't . Ohman , what a brave girl . And the same lifeguard just stood there and didn't bother about us until we all looked at him and he then walked towards us and told us to bring her to the First Aid located across the bridge . Oh yeah thanks a lot dude , great help .

Then it was getting late and we had to make our way to the chalet where Dawn and her dad , together with LiYi were already starting the fire for the BBQ :D Thanks guys , especially to Mr Chan , taking leave for us . We really really appreciate it .

And that's when I got really really pissed and my ride on that rollercoaster just started . Started slow , in fact . Our form teacher was late for an hour and Stephanie and I decided to go to the nearby chalets to take a look if she was lost since none of us had her phone number . We walked for a really long time and I was really tired . Then , we finally got her number after Steph contacted her seniors and in the end she wasn't coming . I was really really shagged and I just didn't have the mood to do anything D:

But after the BBQ , I guess I cooled down and momentarily took control of my emotions . Then , the sexy sixes [chalet ot] went to another room and we started getting ready for the night surprise for the class ! All of us powdered our faces , put lipstick , eyeliner and blood red nail polish . Honestly , it was really fun preparing for this , but no one knows how long we took to plan this whole chalet .

Then we started the Haunted House . I think we did a really great job so far and I was truly so proud of the Sexy Sixes :D Many of our classmates were visibly scared and it was quite cute watching them scream in terror , not to be a sadist of course . But then , something occured that caused the whole chalet OT to break down . Not all , but most .

It was just , we felt that the class didn't appreciate our efforts . It wasn't just the Haunted House . It was the whole building up of events that caused the sudden outburst of emotions and that's when I couldn't control myself anymore . It was one and a half years that I did things that the class didn't appreciate me for . I don't want to sound like a preacher but I think it impacted Angelia and myself the most . Since sec one orientation , the both of us were the ones who stayed back on the second day of school till 7pm to create the class cheer and in the end , the class just didn't appreciate it and switched to another simpler cheer .

The first chalet night was when I let everything I've bottled up all out . Everything I did that didn't get appreciated . I was just terribly upset and couldn't do anything to stop myself . Class Chalet OT spent more than 4 precious Sundays meeting at the National Library to discuss on all these matters and even had trial runs , wasting a lot of our time which could have been spent more constructively and productively . We didn't know if it was all worth it , was it ? I'm so sorry to those who aren't at fault . I'm so sorry to everyone I startled when I opened the adjacent door , shouted into your faces and slammed it at you guys . I just couldn't control myself and please forgive me .

Afterwards , the Sexy Sixes decided to talk to the class . We initially had our concerns , that the class would think that we thought that we were authoritative or like above them or something but Val told us that we were just speaking to them as friends because friends talk and discussed about problems together and what we were going to do was not much of a difference from that . Finally , we ironed out stuff and although there was still some sort of tension I was super glad and relieved . Stayed up awhile before going back to sleep because the class chairs [angelia , dawn and myself] were going to wake up four hours before the rest of the people to prepare a surprise for the class , which would hopefully be appreciated :D

Day 2 (07 june'11)

Who likes waking up to freshly made pancakes with rich creamy butter and drizzled with maple syrup , or even better , hershey's chocolate sauce ? :D

Well , everyone does and the class chairs woke up at 5.30am in the morning of day two , took a cab to dawn's house and started flipping those flapjacks . Well , they weren't exactly really thick , so I can't technically consider them as flapjacks but I like the word so deal with it . At first , the three of us were just tired and drowsy and all we wanted to do was get to bed . But , for the sake of a good breakfast for the class , we made those pancakes all the way till 8.30am before taking a cab back to Pasir Ris .

I'm so glad the class loved the pancakes we made . I mean , who could resist these sweet treats ? I loved it when someone said "Aey , you all da-bao from Macs ah?" Haha , our pancakes were of a commercial standard , with much more love and effort put into making them of course ! Everyone enjoyed it and I was super proud of us (: Yay .

Then came Amazing Race . Ohmy , it was super super exciting . Class Chalet OT put a lot of effort into this thing and if it didn't turn out right , we would be really sad . But surprisingly , it was so exciting , we were all running on the MRTs , everywhere and it was really tiring but super duper fun :D The not as enthu people in my group were fortunately really enthu and I was just so proud of us . We had to like eat food at every station , like the Taiwan variety show where you eat something that begins with the last letter of the previous food we ate and we had to do various tasks at every station .

We had to start with Pancake and end with Milk :D and my group came up with this ;
Egg sushis
Salmon sushi
Ice cream
Mango ice-cream

And we started our journey :D First station was at Changi Airport where we ate egg sushis and made the guy at the shop really really mad at us . Like really , we were so scared that we would be put on Stomp or something but luckily nope . We're truly sorry ! And the task was to ask a foreigner something in a foreign language . Samantha did that beautifully .

Then was Orchard Road where we ate sausages from 7-11 and we had to find an RGS girl and take a photograph with her . I think Angelia's Gym friend was there , so we took a photo with her :D

Next station was rest time at Plaza Singapura . I was really really pissed by the time we reached there but everything was settled eventually with courtesy from my group ! (: Every group had to stop there for 30min and my group had Gong-cha and ate Sweets , which was our next food item .

Then , we headed for Bishan , where we ate Salmon sushi , from the same chain of stores as Changi Airport , but this time we politely asked for permission and everything . And for the task , Samantha did it again and it was to ask an RI guy to give directions as to where RI was located .

Afterwards , BUGIS STREET where we ate ice cream from a mobile ice cream vendor and we had to shuffle in the middle of Bugis Street :D You know ? The famous shuffle made even more famous by Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO ? If you don't know about it , you've probably been living under a rock . But , the video is here for your viewing pleasure although it mainly consists of me shouting at them to do it quickly so that I could get out of the embarrassment .

Then , we headed for Tampines where we ate Swensen's Mango ice cream and looked for a shop amongst the three shopping malls . Luckily Samantha was smart and searched the web before embarking on the search .

It was the last station and we took a cab with the remainder of our assigned money to Pasir Ris and we were the first group to get there :D Even though I was just the group facilitator , the feeling of victory is so good ! The prize ? The honour of bathing before everyone else .

The best part was , everyone was so excited and hyper throughout the whole Amazing Race . The clues were so nicely designed , the tasks so beautifully done . Everything was really perfect . Looking at everyone enjoying the whole journey made me realize why I've been putting in so much effort planning for this whole thing because it's really worth it .

Oh by the way , a group of teenage boys moved into the chalet opposite ours after the Race and we were like playing cards on the bed and screamed when it got so excited . Jamie , who was outside ran in and told us that they imitated us . So we drew the curtains and Samantha wrote "Don't Pedo on Us >:(" and stuck it up . Doubt they could see it though d:

Then , we had free and easy time before we played with sparklers ! The photo below is me attempting to write my name backwards so that it appears right in the photo .

The guys [and girls , afterwards we saw] were all outside as well and they had a birthday celebration . It was kind of awkward cos we were so quiet playing with our sparklers that didn't whistle or made any noise when lighted and they were singing songs . But there was once where we clapped and they clapped too . Pretty funny heh . They made the night a bit more interesting .

Then we went into the rooms and everyone didn't know what to do . To go out ? But it was way too late , dark and dangerous . To stay and play cards ? Pretty boring . Karaoke ? No proper sound system , therefore no atmosphere . Eventually we made things interesting just by bonding as a class and reflecting about everything . I guess my emotional roller coaster had reached a new high . A positive high and I was happy about that . Had a great night's sleep that night .

Day 3 (08 june'11)

It was time to check out ): Everyone had regrets but above all , not playing enough reigned . We separated into our clique [not advisable , but unavoidable] and we all met at Macs for breakfast . My clique walked around E!hub for awhile before heading to the bowling alley .

Didn't play for the first two games , I didn't have enough confidence .
But it looked fun , so I tried out . My ball didn't land into the gutter every time so I guess that's quite an achievement for myself . Then , we stopped for some froyo , which I got with oreo crumbs and fruity pebbles . Amazingly sweet but good .

Then , it was really really really late and we went home ! :D

awesome three days .
i love two oh four .
you guys have sat on this memorable emotional rollercoaster with me .
and i'm truly grateful for that .


love ,

streetsales tomorrow @bishan . come support me if you wish :D i'm not sure if i'd be able to open my mouth to strangers .

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