Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pacman nails
Pacman themed nails which I spent so long painting on my less than an inch long nails .
Pacman themed nails that I am unhappy & unsatisfied with because the base coat screwed the black eyeballs which I cheated with by using a black marker .

But it's okay ! Considering I'm the type of person that can't even do smooth plain painted nails due to impatience . So , I'm still pretty proud of the nails above :D I should grow out my nails then I would have a bigger surface to work with , which would obviously be easier , but am unable to do so due to Piano . That shall be a motivation for me to pass my grade 8 in september . This girl here ? Is legit in nail art ohman how I want to paint like her .

Anyway , painting these pacman nails last night [on my left hand only since my left hand would definitely be unable to control that large brush to dot tiny details on my right hand] led me to play the real pacman game this morning . Pacman has never been my favourite game , I get so nervous and I just can't control that yellow guy properly . And he would eventually get eaten up somehow .

Me being me , I started thinking about Pacman and how it could have a deeper philosophy to it . As what has been recently on my mind , I linked it to life . And true enough , similarities could be derived from the simple old -school game to the complex thought . Me being me again , I didn't know how to put my thoughts into words , and turned to google . Just by typing "pacman philosophy" , I garnered so many different kinds of stuff and finally found one that was exactly what I was thinking about . Looks like my thoughts aren't a fresh one , but it's okay . There has been so many discoveries , I wouldn't be a first one . Here's the link ! It's apparently in the context of Buddhism , I'm not sure but it's okay ! I think it's pretty true .

Right , so Pacman is kind of like a maze , and the point is that there isn't an escape route if you realize . You just kind of go round and round in circles . I personally feel that life is like that as well . You can't escape this world , you were thrust into this world and it wasn't your choice . In Singapore , you can't escape either , since attempting suicide is against the law . However , for Pacman , you can just exit from the game . Sigh , I guess we just have to make do with everything we have and make the maze the most enjoyable one .

In Pacman , if you don't control the yellow guy and let him remain stagnant , he'll just get eaten up by the monsters , which are constantly moving and these monsters represent the various problems we encounter in life . You either solve them or you'll just get "eaten" up by them . Take a wrong move and you'll get trapped . The only thing you can do is to eat the rather uncommon blinking white food which would allow you to eat up the monsters but they would later still reappear again . In life , you'll never fall short of problems . Who doesn't have problems ? I have tons of problems DDDDD:

And I really love the paragraph in which the website said , "The tiny dots that you collect represent your desires . The more there are , the higher [it should be longer!] the time you spend in the maze . And the higher the chance of the demon killing you " I don't love the meaning , but I love how they linked pacman to life ! It's just really really so true . Man has so many desires , so so many desires . But the more you want to fulfill , you will encounter more problems along the way . However , I personally think that in life , you should have more desires , so as to strengthen the quality and meaning of your own life . I mean , a sense of accomplishment works wonders :D

Therefore , this echos my current view of living life to the fullest and make the most of this "trap" / "maze" . Afterall , you are stuck in it and there's nothing you can do about it . So , just live life :D This is totally different from the view I had a few months back ,

EAT RIGHT , EXERCISE , DIE ANYWAY . I have finally realized the absurdity of this line .
Well , not really . I might share this belief all over again if I'm feeling down about myself . But right now , let's enjoy it as it lasts .

On a sidenote , I don't feel like eating lunch .
And I'm VERY VERY VERY VERY ABSOLUTELY EXCITED FOR CLASS CHALET TOMORROW . CLASS COMM HAS SPENT MONTHS PLANNING FOR THIS . sacrificing our sundays , i do hope the class appreciates it . though i'm a bit worried & apprehensive as well with regards to gang fights over at the pasir ris area :X pray for us , if you can thank you (: BUT WE'RE GONNA HAVE THE TIME OF OUR LIVES :D

love ,

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