Tuesday, March 15, 2011

hi guyys(:

so uh got a new laptop with a webcam finally (: so camwhored with emily through msn . oh my things are so epic . both of us are wearing the same cotton on shades . wahaha uber cool . and holding our duck ;D ohoh and you can see my braces hahah .

anyway , day two of my letter challenge ! (: write a letter to my favourite singer !

now isn't it superduper obvious who i'll write to ? nopeeeeee , not tim minchin nor george watsky ! ;D its MICHAEL JACKSON please like duh . that awesome figure you see looming on your right as you're reading this . so yep . here goes ; oh and i see no need for a photo since there's a big one beside YOU watching your every move so you better watch out heh heh .

dearest michael jackson ,

i hope you're doing well up there , in a better place , and i hope you're having fun with elvis preseley ?(: i can already visuallise the two kings chillin' and having a dance-off . anyway , you will always be in my heart . you're truly an inspiration - an amazing performer , not only a singer , but an entertainer , a dancer , a gift by itself .
you are someone i will forever look up to . not only as a marvellous performer , but also a figure of bravery and a generous philantrohist .
you had an abusive father , but that didn't stop you from having a good showbiz career . you were persistent in chasing your dreams and nothing could break your stride . then , when you broke into the entertainment industry , you gained loads of critism , which a normal person would not have handled as well as you . this showed how you were as a person , how fantastic you were . then came the bleahing incident . the media didn't know that you had some type of skin cancer and made it seem as if you wanted to be white , which is not true . then came the child molestation incident . well , you were found not guilty , so yep . but all these incidents which the media put you through were simply outrageous but you survived it all . shows your will power and everything and you are truly someone we can all look up to and admire .
you commit many acts of philantrophy , donating loads of money to various organizations . i'm sure , if you were still alive now , you would have done something for japan because that's just who you are .

this short letter definitely cannot put whatever you did into word . you are too amazing .

MICHAEL JACKSON , I LOVE YOU TO THE MAX . YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART . and i hope to be your billie jean (:

your number one fan .

right . GUIDES CAMP TOMORROW OHMYMAMA I CAN'T WAIT SUPER EGGCITED (: its a good way to destress too (:

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