Monday, March 14, 2011

hiya little kids !
i have decided to do a 10-day tumblr challenge on letters here (:


1. A letter to your best friend

2. A letter to your parents

3. A letter to the person you like

4. A letter to someone you miss

5. A letter to someone you will never forget

6. A letter to someone you look up to

7. A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

8. A letter about something you wish you could do over

9. A letter to your favorite singer

10. A letter to your favorite actor/actress

am i supposed to do it from top to bottom or the other way round ? hmmmmmmm . i shall do from the bottom since i think the letters to the people on top requires more thinking (: right . so errrr . to my favourite actor/actress . since i don't actually watch tv that much , i shall take a youtube actor ! the star of agents of secret stuff ooh lala ;) here goes :

dear ryan higa ,

i have been your subscriber on youtube for at least a year now . you are pretty cute and good-looking , and is the most subscribed guy on youtube . i have watched all the videos you uploaded and this is not an empty statement . even those not . like " Ryan and Sean's not so excellent adventure " . i must admit , you are quite a talent with a stable fan base , which of course , includes me . you used to make videos with a lousy cam corder or maybe just your web cam . though it lacked visual quality , it was these videos that contained real genuine humour , not forced jokes commonly seen nowadays . these videos were the ones that made you so popular , that made your fan base grow . as your popularity grew , you invested in better cameras and provided us with HD videos . however , many of us felt that it wasn't raw enough for our liking and you tried too hard to be funny to please us . companies also approached you to make references to their products or have you include various product placements in your videos . who doesn't want these opportunities ? who would turn them down ? however , your videos became really really commercialized and your viewers didn't like it . it was still good , you were still ryan higa but it didn't appear so and many of us commented on this . fortunately , i suppose you did read our feedback and comments and did some really genuinely funny rants using your lousy web cam . it's not that we didn't like visual quality , it's just that the level of humour somehow is affected . making the rant was a really smart move of yours and it garnered support from your fans , both present and past , whom you probably won over as well . you have all our admiration and support . continue doing what you love because you look really happy and is enjoying this whole youtube thing . we love watching your videos and you make us happy (:

loads of love ,

p/s: i think i have a pimple on my back .

wahahah ! okay . first day completed (:

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