Thursday, February 10, 2011

hey guys (:

in a happier mood now ;D right , so there was IHG opening today , finally ! i think waddle's banner is damn awesome . heh , * egoes * seriously . wahaha . it was like the first time i walked up the stage thingum at the parade square . it was quite cool yay ! rgs is is really scarier than hips .

anyway , the thing above made my day ! ;DD click the screenshot and see the highest rated comments (: wahaha i received so many thumbs up for my comment . i'm so happy cos that prolly means ryan higa himself will read it . and the thumbs are rapidly increasing . about ten minutes after i print screen-ed that screenshot , there were six more thumbs ! ;D haha you can watch the video here .

heh notice i print screened it at the MICHAEL JACKSON part . my two favourite people in one picture . ahhhhhh , can life get any better ? okay this is a drastic contrast to my last post but i'm starting to enjoy life . what a big change in less than 24 hours ? *sigh , that's why its tough being 13 .

love ,
liyin !

ohmygosh latest update - 61 people thumbed my comment up ! ;DDD but some retard go and reply that sean is away in school . I KNOW THAT . i'm not stupid ): i only wanted sean , can't i want something even though i won't get it ?

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