Thursday, September 2, 2010

WHOOOO ~ i survived thursday . awesome much .

hee , done with my ict homework (: the one we were doing about the webpage thingy . SUPPOSEDLY they say we're working with html codings . but NO . it's just some cut and paste thing which i don't like . i'd rather work with html codes , but oh well D: hee , i've come up with a REALLY REALLY ROUGH draft for my webpage , which i have themed as MICHAEL JACKSON ;DD take a look(: but no ripping please (: thankew .

so yup , click to enlarge , this is the michael jackson webpage i have designed in 15 minutes ;DD not bad for a rush work , eh ? (:

anyway , im really irritated by certain people on msn D: damn lame and irritating can ? haha , so tomorrow's friday , which is LATIN AMERICAN DANCE dayy (: whoo , looking forward . and then HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYS . awesome much . i love my life these days . but oh well , soooo much work assigned . *sigh . and gotta prepare for the much dreaded EOYS D:

love , yapliyin(:

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