Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HELLOHHHHH ! ;DD it's TEACHERS' DAY EVE TODAY (: plentiful of stuff to share , so EMBRACE it .

so went to school , and set up some stuffs cos me , angelia and codee were the entertainers for the class partaye ! ;DD then went to do the ACES day thingy , and then after that went for the teachers' day concert . it was quite cool , i guess . ahahah . then went to class for CLASS PARTAYE ! me and angelia had a grand entrance and i was SO SO HAPPY the class was quite hyped up (: so our plannings yesterday were quite worth it (: we stayed till quite late in school okay ? then we had DON'T FORGET THE LYRICS ! it was quite awesome . after that , left with the last song , i sang , cos no one knew the song . HOW COULD THEY RIGHT ?!?! it's BILLIE JEAN by the one and only michael jackson! (Y) then everyone clapped for me *honoured* haha , i think cos i added the michael jackson's "OW!" too . then food and stuffs . it was awesome . gave miss irene and zheng lao shi the cookies (:

okay , so from rgs , rushed to orchard mrt and took to dhoby ghaut , then changed line and took to hougang ! went to hougang mall , and went to look for the boys at subway cos i had no idea which girl was coming . saw them from the escalator cos matthew was waving . ahaa , so matthew , ian , julian and xue bin were there . i bought subway cookies and a drink only cos I HATE SUBWAY SANDWICHES [they're called sandwiches , right?] then , more people came , followed by the hwa chong and nanyang peeps (:
then , went to HIPS . i was damn exhausted cos i kept choking on my drink while laughing and could not breathe and also because we ran .
surprisingly , we could enter the school (: went to 4i7 first and saw MDM ONGGGGG ! haha , i was the only good one who brought a present;DD ahha , boys couldn't be bothered with such stuff . then we publicized our schools . SINCE I WAS THE ONLY GIRL , the only choice was RGS ! wahaha .
then went to 6r7 ! ms yeo was giving the spelling quiz thing again . LOL . she's so cute . then we went to HOD room ? saw mrs tan other 09 psixers . waited for ms yeo to come down , saw mr ng and mr ho too (:
then went to parade square that area . played girls catch boys which was REALLY FUN but awful at the same time . haha , i was ALWAYS SO CLOSE to catching jonathan , but he always run away . then he laugh D: then i "raped" gary . JUST KIDDING . ahahaha . then , did some stuffs ? mr ho wanted to fly a kite and ms yeo was like , "i have my doubts" . SO SUPER CUTE . haha , as usual , ms yeo is always correct ;DD
then went to eat tomyam ? cos we all missed it . it's the same taste , the same flavour , the same cheap-ness . FOOD IN PRIMARY SCHOOL is so freaking cheap . seriously . then went to bubbletea shop there . some ex-hips people were throwing glass bottles against the brick wall . then it all smashed . super rowdy , but oh well .
then went home and slept for an hour . haha , i was super tired can ? ;DD

SO MANY PEOPLE I SAW TODAY . whooooooooots .


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