outinq with SBK [-2+1]

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

okayy, yesterday went outing with SBK [-2+1] at jonathan's house... quite nice, hahas . pictures! (: 

this is me and emily's reflection at hougang mrt...  the place was very quiet and eerie... very few people.... 
on the LRT [do u knoe? its my 1st time taking the LRT? yuppps. ]
on the MRT [sorriee, the sequence sucks]
me at jonathan's house, listening to some "virtual barber shop" damn cool... very hard to explain though...
me&emily's jumping pose [gary very smart, he take photo damn accurate sia. he only need one shot, can catch us jumping....]
then we play arcade.. the drums thingy... lols , 
sorrie for the lousy sequence, its not lidat derh. 
on the mrt, as u can see...
me! running down the steps at the LRT station, Rumbia.
in the lift to jonathan's hse.
me playing the wii!
gary playing the wii
scenery from jonathan's house...
2 boys playing soccer , the fake one, i mean
emily took this photo of me, i didnt knoe tat
they locked us in! so we took photos of them to blackmail them so they'll open the gate
wat sneaky things are u saying behind our backs? hahas , jkjk.
i have no idea wat im doing, but i kinda look annoyed
and finally, a group photo. successful after many many shots... hahas , jonathan looks funny. 

okayyes, enough of photos, now for the details of the whole event... lols.

okayyes, 1st, we met at hougang mrt station. i arrived 1st, then jonathan, emily and later, gary. took mrt [which was spookily quiet] to Sengkang [ i think ] and then transferred to LRT. they were all soo funny, and i was laughing and laughing all the way. then arrived at Rumbia [an LRT station] and alighted.. went to jonathan's hse and played wii. basically was bowling and tennis. then so funny. eat eat , the play cards. seriously, was veryy fun. after tat , girls were bored, so we begged jonathan to bring us to compass point [with gary too, obviously]. then they go and locked us in his condo... cos we were walking too slow..... but luckily they let us out... lols. but 1st we went to rivervalle mall. and after tat , took LRT to compass point.

at compass ,  went to arcade and played games. especially liked the "drums" game. but i played till my arms were really very sore.  then we left. jonathan took LRT  home , the 3 of us took MRT. gary and emily went home straight from hougang interchange, but i still had to take a bus. by the time i reached home , it was about 5.30pm... wow, 10.30am to 5.30pm, tat is about, 7 whole hours, phew. tats why, today, im stayin at home. sorry sheila! had to cancel our outing. 

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