new blogskin!呢

Thursday, October 22, 2009

hey people! changed my blogskin!
how is it? took quite a short while as i already had all the codes prepared for all the other stuff.
so, is it nice? i think its muchh brighter than the previous one, right?

now, im at home... alone... but its okayyes. later going to emily's hse to do maths project... celine toh cannot come... neverminds, ask her to do powerpoint.

sians, i still dunnoe wat to do for mrs.tan's performance.... serious, im stuck. and also have mr.ho's storytelling thingy... lols. at least i completed the egg project liaos. i cant believe im bored, like after psle? i tot only studying makes one bored. okayyes, im going to put some music into my blog. searching searching... the old songs were like, so old. im gonna find newer songs to put into my blog (:

so, buh-byes (:

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