These Four Walls

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A collection of photos from my personal stay-home experience during Singapore's version of a lockdown, termed a 'circuit breaker' from April to June this year; 

I baked, a lot. 

I baked way too much to feed my family, and decided to gift them to neighbours as well as friends. This little project kept me busy for the most part of the lockdown, and I'm thankful for delivery drivers who were able to safely transport my packages of baked goods to all those willing to be my guinea pigs. Also huge shoutout to all those who drove right to my doorstep to make sure none of my kitchen adventures went to waste. 

Some of my kitchen adventures were out of curiosity for what's trending... 

... While some completely experimental. 

It was also clear that neighbours were also hanging out in their kitchens a lot. We got gifted some delicious goodies, such as this homemade bubur-chacha. 

And I got sent a bunch of my favourite things, so thank you everyone who kept me in their thoughts. 

Apart from tangible acts of friendship, I particularly enjoyed the virtual ones that proved that distance knows no boundaries. 

Other than keeping in touch with people who knew me, technology also made musical and arts performances from all around the world accessible to me without needing to leave home. 

Stunning visual spectaculars were also available simply by peering out of my window. Sunrises are best caught from my kitchen window, and sunsets from the living room's—poignant reminders that there's so much more beyond these four walls, and that the world was still spinning despite how we'd perceived it to "stop". There's so much more, much bigger than ourselves. 

The windows also served to build a sense of community. We clapped, cheered, and sung songs together as a relatively young neighbourhood in Sengkang, to keep spirits going for both frontliners and probably (mostly) ourselves. 

And I officially graduated during the circuit breaker too! 

Not able to eat out? Not a problem. I attempted to recreate some of my favourite foods from a bunch of different cuisines. We have what I'd loosely term 'Western'...

... Some Korean inspired ones mostly because I started to watch way too many mukbangs during lockdown... 

... And of course, good ol' local favourites. 

Ending off this archive of memories from a once-in-a-lifetime moment with a selfie for good measure, which I actually took to support the local business which hand-made the pair of earrings I was wearing. Yes, one of the many local business that sprung up as a result of the lockdown, which was quite inspiring to see. 

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