L'ÉCLAIR with Chris

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Merry (belated) Christmas! I initially wanted to abandon this post and move on to writing about the New Year but I really like the pictures here (plus, they've already been uploaded), and wanted to continue my tradition of writing about my Christmas dates with Chris.

Anyway, Christina seems to be the only friend I hang out with that I actually still feel inclined to write blog posts about. (Throwback to the times where I'd recap every single outing with every single person I spent time with). Lest people think that she's my only friend, I do have a couple of reasons to explain this strange occurrence. First, the things we do are usually pretty special (see: extravagant) and would warrant a record. Second, the both of us love obnoxious photo-taking... which usually ends up with me having a whole load of nice photos that I'd want to post somewhere. Third, we hang out during the December period, and this month's usually when I'm actually free to slowly edit pictures and craft out a blog post. 

So yes. Here we go again. If you're interested, here's last year's date, here's the one from the year before, and yes there's even one from three years back

I absolutely love our annual Christmas tradition. It always feels right, and I'm really thankful you're still here to spend time with me. This year, we visited L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle, and I'll just let the pictures do the talking (although note: the food looks a lot better than they taste). 

$50 for this set for two - comes with two drinks of our choice. 

Savouries - what a surprise because this turned out to be the best tier of the lot! The chicken and bacon pie was rich and flavourful. 

Eclairs - supposedly their specialty, and while these were good, they weren't mind-blowingly special. I suppose they are creative with the toppings and fillings considering eclairs are usually just plain custard/ chocolate.

So pretty though. 

The top tier of macarons and chocolate tarts - nothing special either, but decently decadent. 

Chris' matcha latte - my earl grey latte pales in comparison... on the "cute" meter.

White chocolate cranberry - a Christmas flavour. 


Too gorgeous to eat? Just kidding, we gobbled everything up without hesitation. In fact, it was quite funny because two other groups of girls in the cafe seemed to barely touch their food while we polished off everything very quickly. Truly not meant for the tai tai life. 

Tahitian vanilla and pecans. 

66% Mexique Dark Chocolate. 

Our window seat had perfect lighting. 

Unfortunately, we could only stay in the cafe for a maximum of 2 hours, and they were pretty strict about that. I felt like they could've been more flexible with this rule though, especially on a weekday afternoon when the place is evidently empty. 

Thank you for the great afternoon, and thanks for sticking by. 

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