December Bakin'

Sunday, December 4, 2016

I can't believe it's already December. 

Where did 2016 go? I'm not too sure, but one thing's for sure - 2016 is definitely one of the craziest years I've experienced ever. It's been so eventful and so much has changed. There were highs - I welcomed the year in Sydney, had a blast at my internship, traveled to Burma. And there were lows - my grandma passed, my friends started leaving me for schools abroad (though I'd consider these happy occasions as well!), and I struggled for a while in university - questioning my decision, feeling like I don't belong, and being... not happy (Using the word 'unhappy' would mean sadness, but what I felt was merely the absence of happiness, if that makes any sense at all). 

All of these lows did translate into lessons, or morphed into blessings in disguise. For that, I'm incredibly grateful. I really am. 

And the most ridiculous thing is that the insanity isn't even about to stop - my December is jam-packed with exciting events such as O'Week photo shoots/ filming plus a Taiwan trip with the O'Week committee as well. (Ah yes, I know. This space is way behind all that's happening in my life but I suppose that's a good thing - more living, less archiving - although I really value both equally.) 

December is usually the month where I consolidate all my thoughts regarding all that's happened throughout the last eleven months but the really strange way how semesters in university work is impeding my ability to do so. I mean, I'm just halfway through Year One, and it does seem like it isn't "case closed" yet. 

To psych myself into believing that it really is December, and that the Christmas lights I'm seeing at Orchard Road isn't a fragment of my imagination, I decided to engage in my favourite December past-time - baking! I think I've mentioned this before, but I shall say it again. Baking really does help take my mind away from the stresses of reality (not that I get stressed easily - but more about that in another post). 

Today though, I decided to challenge myself and film the process! I mean, I've always wanted to dabble in film-making as a story-telling medium and for a couple of years now I've been capturing moving images on my DSLR whenever I bring it out but never had the chance to compile them into anything concrete. Video-editing is also something I feel is a pretty important skill in this Internet age and I definitely hope to master it sometime in the near future. So here's my amateur attempt at filming and editing. It isn't a recipe video, but more of a watch-this-if-you-like-to-see-people-roll-cookie-dough-and-melt-chocolate. 

I do feel that the music puts me in a really calm mood (it's an instrumental of my favourite Christmas song!), and I hope it finds you well too. 

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