A Happy Day

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Everyday should be a good day, but some days are a lot better than others. In my attempt to retain memories of these lovely days, here is one from three weeks ago - made possible only with the magical existence of cameras and photographs. Truly, A Levels is being a huge impediment to my ability to remember things, and the time I'm spending preparing for it gives me none spare to archive happenings into posts like these. Sigh, I'm still trying my best to upkeep this space, while I still can. 

So, on the last day of Common Tests for the Science people (the Arts kids finished two days before), my favourite people decided to come together to celebrate Shermaine's birthday belatedly. Bellyboings are a constant source of support for me that I'm so thankful to have, and we barely have time to meet in junior college, so this was very exciting and I was so happy even before meeting them.  

Wang You and I met earlier to prepare for the picnic at Botanics since we didn't have exams in the morning (heh heh) and awaited their arrival! 

They look like Charlie's Angels or something 


Well I attempted to make a white chocolate ombre cake but under the hot sun, everything just melted and it was really gross and I could feel it collapse in the box as I was transporting it but them being them, they ate it anyway (they have been eating all my failed - and of course also the rare successes - baked goods since secondary three #truefriends)

Oops the true reality of #jujubakes :-(

"Dynamic shot!" 

This was their immediate reaction after I commented that they looked ugly with the necklace on their heads - priceless! I'm so glad I managed to capture the shot the moment all their faces changed HAHA and well, they are actually all super pretty but will I tell them that? Heh heh maybe not. 

And Shermaine! :-) Honestly one of my biggest inspirations - I'm so confident that life has great things in store for her and that she'll continue to be a sunshine, positively affecting everyone she meets, like she has to me. 

After our picnic, we really couldn't take the heat and relocated to Island Creamery and here's Wang You's affogato that is pretty photogenic :-) 

We chilled and talked which was so comfortable - I absolutely adore their company and we talked for a couple of hours before Wang You wanted to go on a shopping spree so we headed to Somerset but then we left her in the Forever 21 changing room because she was taking too long - Priya had to head home while Shermaine and I were going for the MAAD art fair at Tanjong Pagar and the Sing:Love Concert later at night - so sorry Wang we love you! 

At Tanjong Pagar we headed to Pho Stop, my favourite Vietnamese eatery and they never fail to disappoint - it was so good and portions were generous as well.

Shermaine's Vietnamese coffee

Their Vietnamese spring rolls are truly to die for - so juicy and crispy and hot and the sauce matches perfectly - everyone seriously needs to try this. 

It was getting late so we just walked a bit at MAAD before rushing off to Habourfront to catch the monorail to Resorts World Sentosa - also one of my favourite places in Singapore. It's the closest I can get to escaping from the island itself and I always feel like a tourist whenever I am there. The Sing:Love concert at The Coliseum features five songs written to commemorate Singapore's 50th birthday and the artistes involved are a mix of up and coming as well as veteran ones so it was quite interesting. Surprisingly, the songs were all really unlike the usual NDP type songs - they were very real and pleasant. Do head to imclive-group.com/sing-love.html for a free download and listen to the songs - definitely worth a shot in my opinion. 

This was my favourite - Sezairi and Joanna Dong's Starlight was very upbeat and I was blown away when they sang Malay and Mandarin concurrently because it blended perfectly. Before they sang, Sezairi was just talking about the song-writing process and how he had to make sure both languages rhymed because the Mandarin part was composed before he worked on the Malay portions - it was no easy feat, but he achieved it with amazing, amazing results. 

I used to watch Singapore Idol when I was younger and I always rooted for the other contestants other than Sezairi and never understood why he was the eventual winner because I didn't think his voice was very strong. However, watching him live completely changed my impression of him - his voice was so soothing and smooth. Plus, he was so down-to-earth in the way he carried himself, definitely won himself a supporter :-) 

The Sam Willows - definitely the act I was most excited about! 

They are all very beautiful human beings in person as well and it was quite an experience seeing them - really happy and excited about the local music scene, truly :-) 

It was truly one of the best days of the year :-) Perfect morning all the way till the night - so, so, so happy for this short respite. 

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