To Be Happy

Saturday, August 9, 2014

My obsession to be happy has made me blind to so many things around me.
For the sole purpose of staying happy, I refuse to acknowledge the fact that sometimes I'm not and I fail to face the demons within myself. 

Someone once asked me "Li Yin, do you know that many people envy you for being so happy?"
As humbling as it may sound, there isn't much to be envied anyway. 
It's quite simple really, all you need is to convince yourself that apart from happiness, you are not allowed to feel any other pangs of emotion.

I've grown to become a master of doing that. 

"No one can be happy all the time", a teacher recently said in class, or something along those lines. 
A classmate turned around to look at me for a brief moment and while nothing was said, I knew what he was thinking, "well, she certainly appears to refute that statement". 

Go ahead, think that way. 
I mean, that's exactly what I want people to think, because there's too much negative energy in this world. 
Why add on to it if I can appear otherwise? 

And as I end my little less-than-happy series of thoughts right here, 
it is time to go back to being obsessed with being happy. 
Because that's what everyone expects me to be, and I suppose that's the way it should be. 

To be happy. 

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