Fragmented Stanzas

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hi there, I am confused today. 
When I'm confused, my thoughts tend to be a lot more fragmented than usual. 
Sometimes, I write my own incoherence down and occasionally I call it poetry. 
These two, I wrote on a 45 minute journey home just now, and thus, are unpolished - please do pardon them. 

Newland Archer

We talked in class today
About the vast blue seas, the moving ships. 
Against stagnation, inaction. 

I laughed when someone said "he's silly"
Silly, oh that silly, little thing. 
Waiting for the ship to pass, 
Yet hoping for the shadow - 
To turn. 

Warm hues, shades of yellow, 
Glowing, emitting. 
The sun can be felt
But it cannot be reached. 

The shadow will not turn, 
But the ship will cross the line. 

I will walk away.
Silly, oh, that silly little thing. 

A Haiku

An empty stomach
But I am full, consumed by 
 What could never be

That's it. I'm really hoping for a good weekend ahead. 

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