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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hello there :-)

It's been a while since I've posted anything food related here, but two Sundays ago I got to try Spanish Doughnuts with Sarah! It's a churros speciality shop, which is a pretty new concept here - the other only one I know of would be Churrosity at Holland Village, which is Phionna's favourite shop and churros really isn't that big in Singapore as of yet. I tried the one at Universal Studios last year and it was terrible - no standard at all - they probably just sold it because most theme parks overseas sell them. 

Spanish Doughnuts is quite a new shop, in fact it opened only last month and on the day which Sarah and I went to try it, there was an article in the Sunday Times about it, and increasingly there are more people posting photos of the churros from there on social media platforms like Instagram. The shop is located on level 5 of Orchard Central (my favourite shopping mall in Singapore to hang out ever, though I was shocked to find that it now has Orchard Gateway linking it with 313@Somerset, so it's been revamped and I have mixed feelings about it now), where the temporary library/ resting place used to be. 

Choco Churrito's ($9.90)

We got the most well known item on the menu, which was the Choco Churrito's that came in a cute cone shape container with three types of chocolate dipping sauces - white, milk and dark - which looked extremely appealing and they were very generous with the sauces as well. They didn't come "hot" as promised on the menu though. The churros are dusted with powdered sugar. 

Sarah felt like they tasted vaguely like french fries, and I agree. There was a very obvious oily - and greasy in fact - taste to them. The chocolate sauces kind of mask that taste but without the sauces, it would taste extremely plain. Compared to Churrosity's regular churros that's dusted with cinnamon and sugar, this one definitely falls short in terms of taste. The texture, however was really really good. Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

If you ask me, I doubt I'll come here specially for the churros. However, I think it's a pretty good place to hang out and if I find myself in the Somerset/ Orchard Central area, I can safely say that I would definitely drop by again, though I'll probably want to try the other things on the menu. I don't think I can ever accept savoury churros though (they have those on the menu!), such as how I can't handle savoury pancakes.

Afterwards, Sarah and I headed to EWF for our favourite skinny wings! We are glad to find out that they aren't as salty as they used to be anymore :-) So that was a pleasant surprise. I think fried chicken wings will forever be our guilty pleasure - there's no mistake about it, we shall not take anymore risks when it comes to food! 

Skinny wings for fat liyin :-( 

On that note, thank you Sarah for being one of my constants :-) It was a refreshing time with you - we definitely needed this after the first week of holidays flew by us and I think we sort of carried out the plans we set out to do last week. We only have about eleven days more, but I believe we can do it, honestly. 

All the best to everyone as well, and I honestly need to catch up with so so so many people after common tests are over - I miss so many people right now. 

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