Catchup with Ragini

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hello friends :-) 

Ragini is so gorgeous and we finally got to catch up after around three months last Wednesday (4 June) and it was great. I love how we still stay in each other's lives even though we don't really have anything in common anymore - unlike CCA in the past - but she's really one of my best buds and I'm extremely thankful to have her. Honestly I feel like all my friends have grown into such amazing people and I feel incredibly blessed when I get the opportunity to catch up with old friends - it transports me momentarily back to the old times again but at the same time I feel so proud that everyone's morphing into great people of their own right, a bittersweet feeling in essence. 

Anyway, all that aside, the night before while we were deciding where to go, I actually had a pancake craving and wanted to go to Strictly Pancakes quite badly and then Ragini comes along asking me "do u wanna eat pancake" - it was meant to be! 

Ragini's spread of pancakes ;-) 

Looks really really good - both of us downsized our pancakes from three to two because honestly three would have been way too much. 

With my favourite "Lemon Curd for the Nerds" which doesn't really look good in photos but it definitely wins in the taste department. But if you look at our table, you'll see that we ordered chicken wings and to be entirely honest, the chicken wings are definitely the victors of Strictly Pancakes - they are amazing! 

It then started raining, which seems like something that occurs every single time the two of us together and it's a terrible inconvenience. We wanted to go to Fort Canning Park to have a chat but ended up seeking shelter at Park Mall instead. It was quite funny because we bumped into Mr Azahar who was Ragini's CMPS mentor and he never taught me though I remember him being my examiner for some Social Studies oral presentation - we tried running away before Ragini decided she wanted to say hi and he was quite surprised to find students in Park Mall because the place is basically filled with furniture shops. Afterwards, the rain kind of stopped and we headed to Fort Canning and sat under a little shelter where Ragini updated me on her life (which is very exciting, may I add).

Hotgini too pretty :-) 

Can I just say that I really like this skirt of mine :') It makes me feel like a princess every time. 

Teach me how to be glam, master 

Nope, not working :-( 

Anyway, after our little Fort Canning heart to heart, we headed to the National Museum to check out some of the exhibitions there. It was actually kids season, so many of the exhibitions were meant for kids, which made them very interactive so that was pretty cool. We didn't spend a lot of time there though. 

Thank you Ragini for the lovely, lovely afternoon, for the wonderful company and most importantly, the friendship for the past couple of years - I really appreciate having you in my life and I hope that you'll be strong no matter what comes your way these two years in JC because you are so beautiful and capable of so many great things. I'll be here for you, if you ever need someone. I look forward to our next catch up! 

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