At Peace

Monday, May 12, 2014

No, this cake has nothing to do with me being at peace with myself. But baking this beauty (as I'd like to think it is) has made me very happy this Vesak Day holiday, as with many things I've been doing recently. Somehow, I've grown to realize that being happy is something that takes conscious and consistent effort. And if I ever end up falling  into the negative thoughts zone, it's incredibly difficult for me to pull myself out from that deep, dark pit. Therefore, I'm going to ensure that as the year goes by, when things are all going to come really quickly, my happiness and my outlook to life will not be compromised, in any way. It's so important to me. This post shall be an update of sorts of how I'm doing currently :-) 

This past week, everything just seems to be going very well and I'm beyond thankful. Mel has been elected as Hadley-Hullet House Captain and Minglu's the Vice President of the Students' Council in RI(JC) - I couldn't be more proud for the two of them. They deserve it so much and I'm so glad that they are given this opportunity - I honestly feel like a mum who has watched her children grow up and take on bigger, more difficult roles and excelling in them. Jiayou the two of you! I have so much faith :') 

Habitat for Humanity is going rather well and so is Project Work - I think projects like this have got a lot to do with the people involved and I'm so grateful to be able to work with great friends and good working buddies (past experiences have got me working with friends but not good workers and everything's just bad so I'm super fortunate this time round). I see myself enjoying the things I have on my plate more and more now, even though it's a lot more toned down than previous years. Interact has been pretty good as well, everything's getting so exciting and I can't wait to embark on event planning again - honestly I've missed doing things of this nature way too much. 

On a sidenote, I've been listening to a lot of High School Musical songs recently and I realized that there are so many songs that resonate with me a lot more now, compared to when I was younger. Perhaps it's because I'm now their age group (pre university) and I'm going through the same problems they face as well. It's really nice though, to know that I'm not alone and that everyone goes through these things.

With this disorganized post, have a happy Vesak day everyone! :-) Or if that doesn't apply, happy holidays! And I shall leave you with a photo of my chocolate apple blueberry butter cake (wow what a mouthful) - I am very proud to say that I didn't even go grocery shopping to get ingredients for this - it was purely an impromptu and spur of the moment decision to bake this morning and I just got random things from my kitchen to put this together. It's a bit ironic because sometimes I plan to bake and it doesn't even turn out this good.

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