The Past Week

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hello friends :-) 

Exactly a week ago, I had all these crazy thoughts and emotions and I wasn't feeling my best. Everything was just so overwhelming, but thank you to everyone who have asked me how I was, especially since my last blog post and I'm so grateful for all of you. It's really amazing, the amount of love I've received the past week. 

But through it all - I've learnt something. When things are down in the dumps, it can only get better but it honestly takes effort on your part to make things right. Things got a lot better this past week even though I expected it to be terrible but I had to make a conscious effort to do things that would make myself happy and majority of it involved food, being alone and being in the company of people who mean a lot to me. Disclaimer: I do not always eat like that and I do not promote binge eating but food was a major part of my happiness this week. Here's how food made me happy :-) 

Exactly a week ago: 
On Saturday after a Habitat for Humanity meeting at Toa Payoh, I really needed a break, especially since most of my "troubles" would be surfaced when hanging out with the H4H people (not that the problems stem from them or the project) and from Serangoon MRT, instead of taking a 20 minute bus ride home, I decided to take a nice, long slow walk back alone to reflect and consolidate my thoughts. On the way, I stopped by Artease, a café I always wanted to try out but never did. I got myself a salted caramel (ahh my favourite flavour in the world) milk tea & an apple crumble and I basically just had a lot of alone time in a lovely atmosphere with really good music selection, which was definitely beneficial. 

Also, I realized how amazing it is to take a long relaxing stroll, especially if the weather is good and your bag isn't very heavy. The places which I normally just zoom pass when I'm on the bus appear so much more real and life seems less fast paced than it normally is, which is always a good thing. Sometimes, we'd all just need to pause for a moment and smell the flowers. 

Four days ago: 
Tuesdays are usually my shittiest days because of the terrible timetable but somehow it was a good day, because the lessons I'd feel the most pressurized in were cancelled and in exchange we had a lot of free time. Also, because I knew I had something to look forward to at the end of the day - an ice cream date with Hui Ying, my favourite green friend! :') We actually intended to go for Ben & Jerry's free cone day but decided against it because we were both too lazy to travel and queue. In the end, we just headed to Upper Thomson's Salted Caramel, my favourite ice cream parlour. 

So I had salted caramel ice cream (oooh do you notice a trend here) with a waffle and she had chocolate sorbet and we had a lovely, long catchup session over ice cream. Being with Hui Ying is always refreshing because she never fails to remind me of the reasons why I made certain decisions in the first place and she just talks so much sense into me so thank you friend, you are wonderful. I wouldn't know what I'd do without you. Also, it's really funny how every year I'll plan to go for B & J's free cone day with one other person from Channel 5 but we'll end up being unsuccessful at going, for some weird reason or another. 

Three days ago: 
So on Wednesday I was again overwhelmed by emotions to make certain decisions and from experience, I knew I had to take a break from social interaction so I got myself a caramel macchiato (#typicalwhitegirl) and planned to take a walk home from Serangoon MRT once again but I got a little tired by the fourth bus stop and ended up taking a bus back for the rest of the journey. 

The caramel macchiato (yes, by now you should know that caramel is one of my favourite things in the whole world) wasn't that nice and I wouldn't purchase it again but I'm just thankful I got a bit of alone time even during a really busy week. 

To be entirely honest, by Wednesday I was already overcome with fatigue and though I managed to find time to eat all sorts of caramel-related things, sleeping at 3am has been the norm the past week and I was surviving everyday with around two hours of sleep. Thursday was a terrible terrible day all around, and I'm just so bloody grateful that I survived it and finished my History Term Paper in the end. 

 Despite everything, I managed to end my school week on an extremely high note, and I can't express how blessed and fortunate I feel to have had a wonderful Friday. Christina and I had a much-needed very belated catch up session and I can't believe how long we've not talked to each other for? Goodness gracious, I am so un-updated about her life that it pains me. We headed to Maki-San at Cathay! It's been ages since I visited town after school (sigh in the past when we were in RG it was so common) and it felt so refreshing. 

To those who don't know, Maki San's is this really ingenious concept where people buy maki rolls that they customize themselves (sort of like Subway, but sushi version) and it comes in these really adorable cardboard boxes. The entire shop is a fantastic marketing strategy but it got us really excited and happy :') It was hilarious because we looked around and realized that the customers are all teenage girls - people that'll fall prey to anything pretty and cute. 

CHRIS - I've missed you so much! 

Ma maki and I! 

The maki rolls weren't that good to be honest especially the seaweed because it wasn't crisp and I could barely even bite it but it think it's very nice how we get to pick the ingredients ourselves and everything inside would suit our own palates. Okay actually it wasn't that bad - the insides were good and I have no idea why but I have a feeling I would come back again. 

We got someone to help us take polaroids with the super cute unagi picture on the wall :') And omg Christina's little twin stars polaroids are the bomb. 

Outside Cathay, they were giving out free Starbucks samples - the same caramel macchiato I drank three days ago! It's official, every day of the past week that I feature in this blog post contains a caramel - flavoured item. Anyway, the two of us were very happy because we got free drinks and this just started our sampling journey that day. 

We headed to ion afterwards and sampled Awfully Chocolate cakes! We wanted to sample Twelve Cupcakes because they were also giving out samples that day but I backed out HAHA - it was really strange though, how all these shops were suddenly giving out samples when they normally didn't. Every day I spend with Chris is a Get Fat Day - and I love it. We decided to get dessert, which was a photo unworthy Matcha crepe cake from the Ion Food Hall. Neither of us were impressed by the looks of it and I think we were a tad disappointed at its appearance but when we had the first bite, we both fell in love (not with each other, but with the cake). It is so good and we headed back to school with happy tummies and great company. 

Thank you Chris, for the lovely Friday :') 

In a nutshell, this past week I was immensely blessed with good food and good people (at least, I am trying to see the goodness in everything - there was undoubtedly busy and stressful periods, this week especially) but I must admit that I am worn out. Sleeping at 3am daily isn't something I should do often, and I ended up sleeping for 16 hours after I came home on Friday but at least I am now recharged and ready for what's ahead! Have a great weekend, everyone.

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