Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chope, c:hope, hope - this tissue paper packet I'm holding up is in support of the Singapore Cancer Society and I suppose this photograph is quite apt in summing up the past week. All photos in this post do not belong to me - credits go to all the relevant photographers!

Week 5 of term 2 has been an insane one, by far one of the most jam packed weeks though I wouldn't say that it was a bad week, because it really wasn't. Even though the work load was quite intense, with lit term paper, SEA hist term paper (supposedly), PI all due, on top of all the tutorials, it was quite fulfilling and things have been looking up. It hasn't been looking up in a tangible way but I suppose I've been taking active steps in making things happen and that makes me genuinely happy. 

To sum up my week, on Wednesday I had Interact GM, Sunlove service afterwards (which I really enjoyed!), and ended off the day with Limelight - Raffles Voices & Raffles Chorale at night :-)

The Sunlove service group after service on Wednesday! :-) Fun fact: I reunited with my Parry Primary School classmate Kevin - I suspected it was him in Interact for a while now but I only got to ask him about it that day; unfortunately he doesn't really remember me very well which is understandable since Parry was our first primary school and we are less inclined to have deep memories of the school as all of us went separate ways after the school closed down (yes, it did - I don't think I've told anyone about my first primary school before) 

Anyway, Wednesday was extremely tiring but I felt really at peace afterwards especially after everything the previous week because somehow I knew that I did my best and whatever the outcome, I'd be fully okay with it. Hope only comes with the right mindset, really. The night ended with melodious voices from my talented schoolmates and it felt refreshing going to Esplanade again - it's been pretty long since I've been there and I really like that place :-)  

Thursday started out amazingly with a reunion with my fellow PB mates - we had representatives from Fiducia, Fiammetta and even Foveo (yes even though JC consists of two batches) because we had (Ms) Amanda Choo join us! We sung in a circle and unapologetically sung dearly missed board songs at the top of our voices - okay maybe not at the top - but it sure did feel wonderful. Thank you PB - I remember how I used to spend all my mornings back in RG sleeping/ talking/ singing with you guys in the PB room and I've missed those fond times. 

After school, Meixian and myself, together with Jinglong and Yeeting headed to the National Museum of Singapore to accompany the elderly from Sunlove for a little outing to check out the exhibition and personally, it was rather heartbreaking for me but I won't be talking about it here - the outing as a whole though, was quite successful and I'm glad I volunteered to go down for it even though my Project Work PI was due the next day and I have yet to touch it after the consultation with my teacher. I'm glad I managed to complete it though and submitted it the next day :-) 

Friday wasn't very eventful but on Saturday we had Youth Got Heart 2014, an annual service roadshow organized by Raffles Interact featuring many VWOs and performances and it was basically a pretty fun and exciting day, even though we were on our feet for the most part so that was tiring :-( But I managed to talk to many new people, even from Interact itself and I'm very happy. 

With one of my favourite girls ever - thank you so much for everything Shermaine, you have honestly been such a blessing ever since I got to know you properly in Year Three :')

Meixian, Shermaine & myself in front of the booth I was in charge of - the Dyslexia Association of Singapore! Meixian is someone I really got to know properly only recently even though we've been acquaintances since Year One (through Gillian) and even PB batchmates :-) 

With Vishnu & Megan - the three of us were in charge of the DAS booth together and I think I got to know them a lot better - especially Vishnu whom I met during a Philosophy COI exam last year (it's really hilarious). 

After Youth Got Heart, I headed to Bishan to meet Chris for dinner because we were going to head back to RGS to attend the Girl Guides Annual Assembly 2014, one of the biggest events of the Guiding year to support our juniors - unfortunately our batch was too fast and quick for us and by the time we got to Orchard, they told us to "meet at RGS" - hashtag heartbroken :-( 

Plus point of eating separately from 13atch (oh dear it's been ages since I've typed that :')) - our joint favourite cake hehe but where we buy it from shall remain a secret because we don't want to share good stuff! 

Taking the walk from Far East to the bus stop feels so... foreign :-( 

And with the structure! :-) This year's banner is really pretty - unfortunately I didn't see a lot of decorations around school apart from the structure so that was a bit disappointing for me because I remember being in decor comm as a Year 2 and putting in so much effort for it. 

The performance was good though, and I think this year has one of the best and most enthusiastic crowds ever during an AA - that's definitely one of the bonuses and I enjoyed myself a lot. I think the Year Four batch's dedication during their dance was really cute - they did their Year One dance again - especially since most of their Year Four seniors (2 years our senior) came back as well. 

I had such a good time with 13atch as well :-) 

Much love 

Of course, with 02 Ixora! :-) Good job guys you guys did amazingly, especially Tricia & Rachel - y'all were really cute on stage and I do hope I get to watch the next few AAs where the rest of you shine in your own ways as well. Hopefully all of you are doing well, and it was very nice seeing you guys again. 

Ending off with an 02 Ixora polaroid :-)

My day ended extremely late and I only got home at around midnight but I'm so glad for the day and this whole week in general, I have been blessed and no matter what happens in the near future, I know that everything happens for a reason. Thank you everyone for making this week possible and I hope that every week from now onwards can be as fulfilling as this one was. 

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