The March Holidays

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello friends :-)

This post shall be littered with photos of my Orientation Group when we went out on Tuesday (18 March) because the photographs taken by the wonderful Gaby are insanely gorgeous and I'd like to feature them on my blog, even though I probably won't be narrating much about them, except for a few captions here and there because for now, this space shall be filled about some concluding thoughts on how my March hols went so there's some closure to it even though the first week of the new school term has already started, and even ended.

Undeniably, the one week break practically flew by but I don't suppose that's a bad thing - needless to say, it wasn't really a drag because I managed to spend a good amount of time with some of the people who mean a lot to me. Definitely, I would've wished to catch up with a lot of other people whom I didn't manage to, such as the Boings but time has its constraints too. 

Beautiful people who made my day and honestly every moment I spend with them :') 

In terms of academic goals though, I didn't manage to do a lot of things I had set out to do at the beginning of these holidays but honestly, I don't think that that's too big of a loss because there really isn't that much to start with and I'm confident that I'd be able to catch up with all the work I've done eventually. What matters most is that I made use of the March Hols to do things that I'd probably wouldn't do during the school term and that I wouldn't regret not doing. 

I'm not entirely sure if I've mentioned this before but I absolutely hate it when my life revolves solely around school or academic work. Somehow, since last year I've realized that I became a much happier person when I started taking up hobbies that genuinely interest me apart from school-related programmes and it honestly made my life a lot more fulfilling because even though we are all students, we are ultimately still human too, humans capable of feeling, humans capable of making the most out of time and not simply humans programmed to study. Even in future, when I join the workforce, I wouldn't want to be labelled together with my occupation solely because that'll be just... sad. 

A few people have asked me how I am somehow able to have so many things happening in my life (possibly based on the fact that my Instagram is constantly updated with something new everyday) and it's automatically assumed that I don't do my homework/ work but in actual fact, I do and it's actually possible to hang out with friends often or do really crazy things by yourself, as long as you set your mind to it and actually make an effort to do so. I personally feel like using "no time" as an excuse from sustaining friendships is pathetic - even a few minutes catching up with someone say, in the canteen or a quick little "outing" to a nearby mall is possible. Make time, and one will definitely lead a more fulfilling life :-) 

Shang Rong's perfect jump!

Truth be told, I'm extremely contended with how my life is right now because I've never been happier about the subjects I'm taking in school and honestly I feel like whether or not one enjoys their academic work plays a huge part in how we perceive school. Without sciences, I have been feeling amazing and I can't imagine doing all that memorizing work again with my left brain that never ever seems to work - only my right brain does but that's totally fine now. 

The main reason I account my happiness for is my craziness. I am crazy, I do crazy things and I love it. I suppose it can be deemed as having a #yolo attitude, as much as I hate that phrase but it's kind of true. In my head, I can think of some insane thing to do on my own and I'll seriously set my mind to do it and it'll make me feel so excited throughout the day (especially if I plan to do it after school) and it gets me through everything terrible just looking forward to an adventure by myself. I'm not sure but I feel like there are people who refrain from doing things because they need company to do it with them and I used to share same sentiments and would be extremely uncomfortable if I were roaming out and about alone. However, since last year, I've actually realized that solitude makes me quite happy and it's when I truly get to make my own decisions and fully control how my day would go. 

We got caught in the rain at Marina Barrage - one great example of an unplanned, crazy activity that made me laugh the most throughout the entire time I was out with them :') 

Then we went for ice cream at The Daily Scoop :') Salted Mister Brown hueheuehe 

In conclusion, my March holidays went really well, and so did term one of JC and I couldn't have been more thankful. I have been lucky, definitely and from now on, I just hope that I'll be able to sustain this and not get dragged down by the mundane, school life that is so easy to fall prey to. I need to keep my level of excitement up and look forward because there is so, so, so much more to life and fulfilment than what we see at surface level. And I really hope that everyone around me will remain happy :-)

xoxo it was a great day

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