Yijing's Seventeenth

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The first "seventeenth" post of the entire year - be honoured bb ;-)

Hello Yijing! :-)

Happy Seventeenth Birthday! 

I'm not sure if you're reading this right now (actually I'll make you read it anyway) but here's my birthday message for you since I didn't write you a proper card! It is immortalized on my blog so I hope that makes you feel special - you should anyway, because it's your special day. Also, I hope this makes up my mistake of not replying to your tag on my tag box. Anyway, you're officially seventeen, my funny friend and fellow saikang Dwen An warrior! It's been quite a while since we survived the entire experience /ahem ordeal/ okay but it wasn't so bad with the company of you and the rest of them - I'm really glad and thankful that I got the opportunity to work with you and in the process, got closer to you because you're a incredibly lovely person to be with and wonderful company. 

Thank you for the entire journey - we were acquaintances before the trip but didn't really talk at all but the Taiwan trip truly bonded us especially when we volunteered ourselves as tributes to be the sacrificial lambs in a 活动组! It definitely wasn't an easy decision and we kind of struggled there, but we managed and I'm so fortunate I shared the whole experience with you. When we came back to Singapore, we were definitely more than just acquaintances but good friends, friends who actually hated to see each other along the school corridors because it would be a reminder that we had to start Dwen An work! I think the most insane period of time was when Tiff and Leirong were overseas, leaving us at a very crucial moment having to deal with the crazy amount of organizing and well, the guys. Scouting Sentosa was actually fun (though tiring) and you made it amazing - thank you for always being there and being this bubble of energy for the entire group. 

You are an amazing girl and I know that you will do very very well (you already are managing incredibly) when you grow up (and you're already growing up whoa seventeen whoa) because of your personality! I admit, at first I thought you were super scary but after working with you and spending more time with you, I realized that you're actually really easy going yet at the same time quite a detailed and organized person! Which is a really really good balance, basically. Thank you for always being there for me, for listening to me, for accompanying me on long 132 bus journeys (well technically you need to go home too but ya), and for being Yijing because you're lovely :-) 

And so, to commemorate this special girl turning seventeen, the Dwen An kids decided to spring a little birthday surprise for her last Sunday (5 Jan). Unfortunately, Tiffany, Sean and Jiaze couldn't be with us that day. It was great that Leirong and Yijing had tuition together on that day so Leirong was our secret spy on Mission Surprise Yijing. Before that, Ben, Kenny and myself were going around Novena trying to find a proper place where we could actually hang out and Kenny was looking for a last minute birthday gift as well, which turned out really extravagant (it was hilarious). We were being so indecisive and unproductive :-( But we finally settled for Baskin Robbins because I was cool. 

Finally, the birthday girl arrives! :-) Not entirely sure if she was really surprised but I'm sure she's genuinely happy.


We got her an ice cream cake too! Doesn't it look really good? They made it look really aesthetically pleasing, which was probably a huge part of why we chose it (note: we took a long, long time choosing as well and I ended up choosing it too) but it was honestly really disappointing in terms of taste we were literally just eating nuts! 

Yay! :-) Let's play with fire.

Glamorously blowing out her candles! (Also I love how she actually wore the helium balloon I got her because that's the way to use helium balloons baby!) 

Unwrapping Ben's present revealing a...

... PENGUIN! :-) He kept insisting he didn't know what was inside which is ridiculous because obviously he knew but it's really cute! 

And his insanely long birthday message to her! I'm not even sure if mine (as above) can match up to his ;-)

The Baskin Robbins staff were actually really helpful and kind, helping us cut the frozen ice cream cake into nice slices and serving them on plates too! Too bad their service can't really make up for the taste of the cake itself :-( 

And well, let's insert a random photo of me here HAHAHA

GROUP PHOTO! :-) I have actually missed seeing them after a really long time ever since the last night the Taiwanese were with us (well technically the rest of you guys saw each other at the Airport but I wasn't there) - really missing Tiff  :-( 

Funny face shot - I think the girls are better at this! 

The last piece of ice cream cake that no one wanted :-( Normally no one says no to ice cream nor cake but this one was seriously quite terrible. 

Leirong and Yijing! :-) 

Glamorous 101 - learn from the master. 

Yay we hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise! :-)

Thanks Ben for actually finishing everything even though it was really horrible - at least we didn't waste food and this is quite an artistic shot! 

Yijing with her birthday cupcakes from Leirong :-)

It was a very very fun day that day and I had an amazing time catching up with this group of people who formed a huge part of my life in 2013. I do hope we continue to keep in contact because it'll be really nice if these friendships can last for a long time! I think it's hilarious when we're all together and it's only the girls talking and the guys will just sit there in silence, probably judging us but yes. I don't know, but I laugh a lot when I'm with them and it feels incredible :-) Thank you all of you and happy birthday again, Yijing! 

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