The Funny Thing about New Years

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello there :-)

This is the first post of 2014 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully it has started well for everyone. I spent my New Year's eve counting down outside for the first time with Emily and the day before catching up with Sarah and I must say 2013 ended really well for myself and I am so thankful and blessed. I'll save writing about these two events till another time for now because I'd like to share something else about new years. Not just 2014 for that matter but years - years that start anew according to the Gregorian calendar. 

I think it's really funny how when it's the new year, everyone somehow gets really hyped up about their lives and celebrate - doing crazy things, setting resolutions, somehow as if their life has just gotten a new head start. I guess it's cool because it gives people the mindset that they get a new opportunity, a new chance to do things right and get things right. In essence, it signals hope. 

But really, thinking about it, our life doesn't change drastically when a new year comes - it's just a number and it's just something we use to measure time. It's not as if we truly have our memories wiped out every single year and we get a new fresh sheet of paper to work on. Unless you view it academically because well, you really do start on a nice new clean record. 

However, some people truly do view New Years as a time to start anew and I think that's something really special and nice - to give people that hope and faith that they might really need. In my opinion, I do sometimes find it funny though. 

I mean, why wait till a new year to start doing something right? Wouldn't it be even better to start earlier or when you feel like you need to make a change change? The false sense of hope a new number gives seems slightly strange to me and I think it's weird to have to wait till a new year before one starts making a positive change in their life. I must admit that I do sometimes take advantage of this false sense of security for some years though. But I feel like 2013 was amazing and I do wish it continues into 2014 and I don't see why it shouldn't - just the number changing doesn't mean anything; I should be able to control how my life goes either way. 

I do think a new year serves as a great form of reflection though. It seems like a perfect time period for eventful things to happen and it's just right for people to make a difference in the lives of others. And I love reflecting! It makes me so much more grateful than I would be without it. 

With that being said, whether 2013 was a good year, let's make 2014 a blast! Whether you need to start anew, or continue what you've been doing, all the best and I wish myself good luck too because I somehow feel like I'd really need it.

My 2013 planner :-) 

And say hello to my 2014 planner! :-) I rely on these a lot. It essentially contains every detail of my life. And I have a new watsky quote this time! 

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