Monday, December 16, 2013

I really like this quote haha :-)

So last Friday, on 13 December, I went for a sudden staycation at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much from my visit there because I have been to Sentosa way too many times this year. I was really just thinking to take a little break from my usual environment but it turned out to be a lovely getaway that allowed me to spend time with my elder brother which is really really really (did I mention really yet) rare. 

We stayed in a suite at the Equarius Hotel - I have actually never heard of this hotel prior to coming here but RWS actually has many different hotels within it and they all have different themes to it. This particular one had a beach villa feel to it. I feel like a lot of the hotels there are underutilized because it's so very quiet and there didn't seem like there were many guests staying there which was weird because it is Sentosa after all. 

My bro and his book by Ernest Hemingway! I forgot the title though sorry :-(

We decided to travel to Vivocity to have dinner at the Akashi Japanese restaurant and I really enjoyed the food there. It blows my mind how I didn't like Japanese food when I was younger and even though I still can't get myself to eat sashimi (the idea of eating something raw still irks me), Japanese cuisine is one of my favourites! 

The store front!

To be honest, I really dislike when eateries switch to technology to take down orders and to increase efficiency. I mean, yes it'll be much easier for them and perhaps faster for customers as well but it decreases the human interaction which really is what service is all about. We are living in an already too-fast paced society and now even mealtimes which are meant for people to wind down and relax are trying to move along more quickly. 

Mini-rant aside, food was great and here's just a few photographs :-) Won't really elaborate on the dishes because I don't eat Japanese food often and what I say probably won't be very credible.

Cold soba noodles! Love how it goes with the salty (but not too salty) dipping sauce :')

California sushi roll with a really generous amount of roe on top! 

This was the appetizer for the day - unfortunately, I have no idea what it is but it was amazing :') It tasted like fish but the texture was slightly weird and according to my brother, it's really really fatty fish meat which made it incredibly good. I was a bit put off upon hearing that everything was fat but I have already eaten all of it and it was so good while I was still ignorant. 

Garlic rice :-) 

Chicken katsu ahhh I love fried stuff (sorry not sorry)! It was really crispy and stayed good throughout the meal - actually it didn't last very long on the table either. 

Prawn with a lovely creamy sauce (I presume it's salted egg + mayo) on top and I like how they charred it a little :-)

After dinner, we went shopping at Giant hypermart to stock up on junk food to last us through the night before heading back to RWS for a little stroll. It was terribly unfortunate that most of the shops closed at 10pm except for several food places like McDonald's and Starbucks because I'd have wanted to do a bit of midnight shopping which would have been exciting. 

One of my favourite places ever with one of my favourite people! (The yellow M&M hehe) 

Taking photos of the iconic candy trees outside Candylicious never gets old for me. 

Then we headed back to the hotel! Honestly, it's such a weird weird place - there were actually rooms on the ground level of the place and I have never encountered anything like that before. 

(with my little Candylicious bag heh heh heh I love candy can anyone tell?) 

Pig out session for the night! We bought way too much stuff and had so much leftovers but it was really fun eating at the balcony :') 

With beers (which I refused to drink) - honestly I can't appreciate alcoholic things and I'm not sure if I ever will, which is rather sad and pathetic. The little cup of milk beside the beers is looking rather pathetic and well, that's my cup. 

At first, I thought that pigging out at the balcony would be the coolest thing that happened during this staycation but suddenly, at around midnight, my cousin suggested we head to the beach because we actually heard that there was going to be a beach party at the Siloso Beach and we wanted to see how something like that went down. It was crazy and we (my bro, my cousin and myself) headed to the beach - it was quite a long journey, we had to take a shuttle bus and the Sentosa Express monorail and we were all inappropriately dressed, with the two of them in jeans unlike everyone else in shorts.

When we got there, it was wild. It's quite unfortunate that I didn't bring my camera there because it would have been quite cool to capture shots of what was happening. Everyone was drinking, smoking (apparently my brother could smell weed) and going high. We realized that it wasn't just a "beach party" but Zouk Out 2013, the annual major event organized by the club, Zouk. I was probably the youngest person at Siloso beach at that point of time and it felt so insane. It seemed like everyone was just letting go and letting loose and I have never witnessed anything like that until that night and I experienced a whole spectrum of emotions - of awe and amazement to worry because the event was way out of my comfort zone and of course, age restriction. My cousin, who's seventeen and I were both underage. Possibly my brother too, but it depends whether it was 18 or 21. There were policemen conducting random age checks there which left my heart pounding but I didn't bring any identification cards plus I didn't go into the festival itself (it was ticketed - not that I would have gone in) so I guess it was okay.

We talked to a really cool dude on the beach but apart from that, we steered clear of human interaction because it seemed to me like the best way to get out of trouble and attention while we were underage. It blew my mind how Singapore's night scene was actually quite happening and I honestly wondered if I will ever be this "cool" (not sure if that's the right word) one day to party like the people there. Definitely an eye opening experience and the highlight of the night - even though I didn't even get into the action (well, that really shows how exciting my life is HAHA)

Stopped by Macs to get an Oreo McFlurry which was overpriced at $2.70, seventy cents more expensive than when bought at non-Sentosa outlets before heading back to the hotel to get a little shut-eye with what was left of the night. It was incredibly late - or rather, early in the morning - by the time we headed to bed and I had work the next morning :-(

T'was fun though :-) 

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