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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

aiyo my hairline looks like its receding :-( I promise its the angle!!! my huge forehead is showing hehehe

Hello friends :-)

So recently my life has been filled mainly with work and entertaining myself with baking, DIY projects and watching Doctor Who! I didn't really have time to catch up with my friends that much - or rather, I didn't make the effort to do so, preferring to sloth around because work has been so tiring and I'd jump at the chance to sleep during my off days. Work has been getting a lot more bearable, in fact it's quite fun once I overlook the back aches and I've been enjoying it a fair bit.

Today, I broke my little chain by going out with Mel because we've been wanting to go out for the longest time ever. (With Channel 5 too, except some of them are way too busy for us - even though the two of us are the only ones working HAHA how ironic) 

So we caught the much-raved about musical fantasy movie, Frozen by Disney! To be honest, I didn't really know about the movie until people starting talking about how good it was on social media and word of mouth (mainly just Wang You) - I somehow didn't really catch any advertisements or publicity about this movie. Before watching the movie, I had no idea what the story was about either except that there was a snowman and he said some touching stuff at some point in the movie. Apparently many people cried during this film too so I actually went in with quite a bit of expectations. 

From the ending credits, I realized that the plot was actually inspired by "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson - a name synonymous to fairy tales and popular stories that Disney always adapts to suit their audience. I must admit that the storyline was rather typical - like you'll definitely know what's happening and who's not going to die (obviously the protagonist isn't going to - come on, it's Disney) and I wasn't moved to tears at all. In fact, it wasn't very touching to me but it was high on the entertainment factor and I really loved the soundtrack featured in the film. At least Disney never ever fails on its feel-good music :') Because I wasn't that drawn to the main plot line and theme of the movie, I preferred the comical sub-characters as compared to the main characters because they brought the entertainment value up there and left me feeling really happy. Thank you snowman Olaf and reindeer Sven! I wouldn't really say that this was a brilliant film - watch this movie only if you are down and need a little cheer-me-up. 

Hehe Olaf the snowman is my favourite character :') He is so ignorantly adorable!

After the movie, Mel and I decided to head to Swensen's for food. There are really good deals there on weekdays especially for students! 

Mel has been asking me to make her edible egg-less cookie dough for the longest time ever and I finally did some with kit kat chunks this morning and gave it to her in a little jar. It's quite hilarious how she wanted to eat cookie dough on its own - well, I know many people who love it but personally I'll never do that, I'd rather have them baked into cookies before consuming. 

This is my first non-selfie photograph without my braces :') YAY 

Yes anyway, as I was saying - the promotions on weekdays are really worth it! For $10.80 (excluding GST) for students, you get to choose any food item plus iced lemon tea which is a crazy steal because a food item usually already costs more than $10.80. Alternatively, for the same price, you can get two ice cream sundaes which is also a steal because sundaes are usually around $10.50 each which basically means you get the ice cream for half the price :') 

Mel and I decided to share one food item, one iced lemon tea and two ice cream sundaes! It's a great deal especially if you have company. 

Our spaghetti bolognese with meatballs! (I'm not sure of the exact name) It was pretty good - like a cross between a lasagna and pasta.

Iced lemon tea that tasted super weird in my opinion. Mel agreed with me when we were nearing the end of the drink :') She said we didn't stir properly hurhur. 

FULL AND HAPPY :-) (cos she's with me - she'd better be happy.) 

My cookie something ice cream sundae! :') I can't remember the exact name but it was mainly cookies and cream ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate fudge and malt balls and it was really quite good and indulgent. But I was really pleased that it's not as decadent as the full chocolate sundaes because those really overwhelm me all the time and make me sick of ice cream for a few days afterwards. 

Mel with her sundae! :-) 


By the time we finished our food, we were both really full (considering we also had a large popcorn and drink during Frozen) and sleepy but it was a lovely lovely day and I'm thankful for such wonderful company. Thanks Mel hehe also I love it that we both stay in the same side of Singapore - makes catching up so much easier!

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