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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

To continue with my Singapore Writers Festival 2013 journey, the only other day which I spent a full day there was on apart from 3 November was last Sunday (10 November), which was the last day of the entire SWF. I had initially planned to spend Saturday there as well but it was Jaclyn's birthday party (which I will blog about in another post) so I only managed to attend one panel then. 

I won't be going into the details of what I attended, unlike the previous post but I will probably write about some of the things in future posts :-) Anyway, this is focused on the break in between panels where Sarah and myself headed to Fast Food for Thought at Sam @ 8Q, which is a short walk from the Singapore Art Museum. It was my first time there after hearing so much about it so I was quite excited. 

Pretty interior! 

Sarah (-: 

I have no idea why they gave us this because it didn't buzz at all and they served the food to our tables directly so it was quite weird. Oh, but just look at this table and the tiles on it - I really dislike the design because the sharp edges of the tiles scratch your arms when you eat and it's really unfriendly :-( 

With a book that I bought during the panel before we headed for Fast Food for Thought. I think I'll write about this book and the author in a separate post once I'm done reading the book because I'm greatly inspired by this poet. 

Earl Grey Vanilla Milkshake - $5 on its own

We got the milkshake together with a burger set so we paid $2 additional to switch up the drink to the milkshake and $12 for the burger set which came with fries. The burger alone would cost $8.50 without fries nor a drink. The earl grey milkshake was really good though, it was rich and creamy and the strange earl grey tea leaves blended into the drink was surprisingly a nice touch.  

Basic Works Breakfast - $8

A basic breakfast meal with scrambled eggs, smoked bacon and brioche toast! It wasn't very worth it because anyone would be able to whip something like that up - it was really quite ordinary - but both of us loved bacon anyway and we wanted to try this too. 

Crispy Thai Chicken Burger - $12 with fries and drink! 

It was ridiculous because apart from the chicken, neither Sarah nor myself ate any of the other fillings which was this Thai salad made out of green mango papaya pickles, spicy garlic sauce and thai chilli vinaigrette. But when I ate the chicken with a bit of the sour sauce, it was actually rather pleasant. 

Overall, it was quite a nice meal but my favourite has to be the Earl Grey Milkshake - please try it if you ever find yourself at Fast Food for Thought! :-) 

And because we shamelessly went to get helium balloons from the Binary Pavilion at SWF, here are photos of us with them. 

It says "I love Ellie Belly" on the balloon. I hope Ellie Belly likes me. 


Just look at that innocence. All decked in white with a white balloon. 

The SWF panels I went for weren't extremely memorable, but at the end of the day (which also marked the end of the festival), I attended the Closing Debates, which is apparently a yearly tradition and it's the most anticipated event of everything. This year's motion was "This House Computes that Singaporeans are Illiterate Robots" and the debate left me in stitches. It wasn't all that proper but more for entertainment purposes, with the speakers satirizing each other and the Singaporean population, all in the name of fun though. 

The speakers + moderators :-) (credits to SWF fb page) 

Do you spot me in the crowd laughing? At least I'm laughing at the right time. 

As I said before, the SWF is one of the best events I've attended and in fact, it's probably the first event like this which I've attended and I'm really looking forward to going for more of such things to expand my horizons because it's truly things like these that makes me take learning outside the usual classroom environment. And it's not often at all that I do. 

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