A Bad Day

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hello there :-)

I do realize that I have so many events and experiences that I have yet to blog about as I'm putting them off till after Higher Chinese O levels but there's something I'd just like to share. 

(Do watch this music video first, it's a song from the online web musical "Side Effects")

People enjoy ranting and talking about their "bad days" and of all the things going wrong in their lives. 

I admit that I am guilty of committing something like that too when certain incidents get the better of me. We sometimes speak and complain and pour out all our negative emotions on the people around us, usually subconsciously and expect them to pay attention to what we're saying and of course, the polite way of handling this is to listen and offer words of advice and silent support after bracing yourself through all the harsh language used on you, yet not meant for you. 

Again, I confess that I am not too fond when people do that to me. Actually, I hate it. I absolutely hate it when people rant to me about some horrid experience they've been through and somehow feel like I'll be so interested in what they're talking about and yet, I do it to other people too. I try to catch attention to get people to listen to what I have to say, my negative opinions on certain issues and I guess it's become natural to yearn for an audience to listen to how badly your day went. 

When someone uses me as their punching bag or simply just a sponge that can absorb their anger away, the negative energy just seems to rub off me and I get so influenced by them. An otherwise average day might end up being bad because of all the negative emotions forced upon you. Somehow, part of the responsibility and burden of others'problems have subtly been transferred over to you. And to me, it feels rather screwed up because you can't even control how the problem will turn out eventually because it's not yours to start with and yet the issue still weighs somewhat heavily on your mind. 

In this song "Bad Day" (which can I add is rather well written and performed), it truly portrays a rather accurate representation - at least in my opinion - of how weariness and unhappiness can bounce off several people and basically end up causing a minor catastrophe between human beings. When we are upset, we feel like we own the whole world and that everyone is getting in our way and start behaving badly to the people just because we feel like it's justified since we were going through a "bad day". Then again, as shown in the video, have we ever paused to consider the fact that everyone else might be having a terrible day too, or gone through something even worse than you have? If everyone started flaring up, the flames of fury will just start burning stronger and brighter. 

I feel like I do try my best to subdue my negative feelings so that I don't affect the people around me that much but sometimes I wonder if people around me could do the same. It's tough carrying the burdens of others and yet not being able to do anything about them. 

I'm not saying that if you know me personally: "please keep all your secrets and problems to yourself, I don't want to hear it. I just want to be happy and I don't care of you're upset". No, that's not what I'm implying as I want to be there for my friends too. It's just that there are times I wished I had a bit more space to breathe and not have to be constantly weighed down by others' problems on my back like a tortoise with a shell. 

I guess it's slightly ironic that the way this post is written feels exactly like a rant. I apologize if I have caused unnecessary stress to you but I'm done for now :-) Thanks for reading (if anyone even is) and you can now proceed to forget what you just read. Do head over to Youtube to watch the web musical "Side Effects" that I got this song from because it's quite entertaining and heart wrenching. I especially love the cinematography and the special effects, though slightly overwhelming, add a nice artistic and extravagant touch to the musical too. 

To end off, here's a quote I presume everyone already knows.

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