Teachers' Day Celebrations

Saturday, September 7, 2013

We were giving Mr Faizal a standing ovation because he won the Most Humourous Teacher Award :')

A day late, but Happy Teachers' Day to every person out there who has imparted knowledge to another human being in any way :') Thank you all so much for always being so selfless in your ways! 

Teachers' Day celebrations on Thursday (5 Sept 2013) was quite an amazing day for myself - started the day out with ACES day workout plus school wide celebrations in the hall. Unfortunately, the celebrations weren't that exciting this year but good job PSB, nevertheless! 

Partying partying yeah! 

After celebrations in the hall which ended at around 9am, we gathered back in class for a class party - we had invited the teachers and a lot of people brought food, which was heartening :') Unlike last year where we barely had anything and it was so miserable. This is probably the second last class party I'd be spending with 406, and we made it count. Shall let the photos speak for themselves!


Beatrice made jelly hehe :') It was really nice! 

Retarded Wang You and Phionna with all the food (the people in my class are all super talented in baking - look at those brownies!) 

Rushing cards haha whoops sorry (I've already made cards for the teachers that meant a lot to me the previous night ok don't judge - I was only rushing for the ones where I shared with Sarah and Phionna) 

Our favourite form teacher with the tiara and pony that will probably end up with his daughter eventually. We gave him a pony because he once said that "Everyone has a right to a pony". 

A very happy Mr Tan 

With Mr Faizal who finally wore yellow after so many months! He's from Waddle :-) I baked cupcakes for the teachers but they weren't very successful which made me very upset the day before Thursday. 

Bellyboing with Mr Faizal! :-)

Riddhi, Megan, Jaclyn, Thiyana and Sharon! :-)

I think I've mentioned this before but our class is really super fortunate to have been assigned Mr Faizal as our form teacher for our graduating year because he is so approachable and friendly towards us. It's crazy how he was actually willing to take time out to hear from me about my life, apart from just History work and give me advice about my future career choices and JC combinations. I don't open up to teachers easily as well and although I had a fuzzy idea before, Mr Faizal really gave my direction focus and encouraged me to go for what I was interested in. 

The class with our Physics teacher, Mr Leong (bottom right hand corner) and our Social Studies teacher, Mr Lim (upper right hand corner)! :-) Both of them taught us for the whole two years and they are both one of the nicest teachers ever - always so tolerating with us even though we are the nosiest during their classes. 

Mr Leong gave me my entire Physics education as he was my Physics teacher since Year Two (didn't take Physics in Year One) and considering I won't be taking Physics in JC, he is entirely responsible for whatever Phsyics knowledge I acquired over the span of three years! He is quite a funny teacher who used to say that my acting skills were good in Year Two when we filmed the CSI video. I will strive to make you proud at the end of the year, Mr Leong!

Mr Lim has also been a really good Social Studies teacher - SS is one of my favourite subjects, and although I don't exactly enjoy when he is too lax with my class, it's nice to have a bit of freedom and slack in lessons. He is also particularly caring when you have one-on-one personal consultation sessions with him, so thank you so much, Mr Lim! 

P A R T Y I N G - Tamara, Fathin, Faddy & Charis! 

This is going into my collection of "Phion eats" photographs! :') 

Carrot sticks amongst the unhealthy junk 

And then our class turned into a freaking club - we were all drunk and high on sugar and salt!

Just look at this oh my goodness 406 :') The teachers were all quite scared to come in after the transformation. 

Escaped the craziness for a deskie shot outside the classroom! 

We now have a deskie polaroid whoop whoop so proud of us :') 

After the party was over, I went to meet my RG-HIPSTER juniors (the Year 2s and 3s!) at the foyer and we headed to our primary school together! I think it's quite rare to visit your primary school in Year Four but I've done it for the past three years so why not? :')

Isis and Jessa! 

Julia! :-) 

The school didn't change at all - it feels surreal and strange to think that I was like one of these kids in the past because a lot of my times in HIPS has become a memory and it feels more like a dream than something I've actually been though, which is sad :-( 

Isis and I decided to eat the Tom Yam (which is like my daily obsession back when I was a student there) but somehow it became really spicy or maybe our tolerance level dropped after not eating it as regularly. We were wondering how little kids were able to take it. 

It was really spicy, but it was a blast back to the past just eating this. 

At first, I was the only one from my batch who went back but luckily, more 6R7'09 people came as time progressed. We went to look for Mr Ho and Ms Yeo but unfortunately, they forgot all our names - it was the first time Mr Ho admitted to forgetting us, which was understandable, though heartbreaking all the same. It was a true sign that we were all growing older and it was something we couldn't take control of. 

We then proceeded to Hougang Mall to meet some other classmates there! 

Alina :-) 

Xuan Wei :-)

We spent a great deal of time going around the shopping mall trying to find an appropriate spot to sit down and chat and ended up going to the food court twice. We were quite a nuisance to the public as it was such a big group (around 17 people if I'm not wrong which was a good thing because we never had such good attendance before, even more so when we get older) and ended up blocking narrow walking pathways. Then again, we came from a mix of schools so it would have been difficult to complain to any particular school. 

It was great catching up with all of them and we got so caught up - chatting for more than 10 hours! After a while, we relocated to a coffee shop in the Hougang area and sat that for a long time as well :') 

Emily! :-) 

Huang Liyin :-) (hehe yes she has the same name as me!) 

Xin Rong and myself (and Jerome Kwok in the background haha) 

Emily and Huang Liyin :-)

Err Matthew, Gary, Jerome & Ian! :-) 

After having dinner at the coffee shop, we headed back to Hougang Mall again for ice cream at McDonalds! :') We only parted ways at around 10pm so essentially I spent close to eleven hours with them (from 11am at HIPS) and to be honest, it wasn't enough to catch up at all! We just had so much to talk about and it was amazing being in their company. 

The final survivors that stayed all the way till the end - Gary, Nigel, Ian, Emily, Matthew, Huang Liyin, Jerome, Celine, myself & Xin Rong :') 

And another! :-) 

Thank you so much 6R7'09 for the wonderful afternoon and night. It's crazy how time has passed and it felt amazing thinking back to the little incidents that mattered so much to us back then. Most of us have grown and matured and became really tall (especially the dudes oh my) but deep down, we are all still bound by the same experience and memory that we all share, something that I will treasure deeply and hopefully never forget in time to come. Let's continue meeting up regularly, especially after Finals/ O's because you guys are a bunch that I will never want to lose. Please we need to plan before meeting up - no matter how much we like it, spontaneous outings do not work for us. All the best and jiayou with mugging guys! It would be amazing if I'd see some of you in JC next year :') 

I had an incredible day, to put it simply. 

Now I shall watch emourfilms hahahaha I am going to die. 

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