Friday, September 13, 2013

Hello there :-)

Life has been great!

Okay nope, who am I kidding, really - my September holidays consisted solely of studying for the upcoming End of Year assessments and it's crazy how little time I have left. It scares me, yet I don't seem to feel the urgency that much. It has been quite fun though, coming up with ways for myself to concentrate and the time I spent alone with my books have still been quite enjoyable with these little things that I do to keep me motivated :-) I shall share them with you because there is no other thing I can blog about and I'm really bored. 

The bed has been the worst distraction for myself because I can actually hide my phone away / turn off the Internet but I couldn't possibly move the entire bed out of my room so I stuck a post it that said "Sleepyheads = Unsuccessful" which is quite ridiculous because in reality, you need sleep! Then again, sleeping became my escape from everything and it was too tempting so I had to remind myself. It kind of failed though, because I ended up lying above the post-it. 

Another extreme thing I did was to lock myself in my room and didn't allow any of my family members to enter unless absolutely necessary. I am usually constantly tempted to head out to get food/ take a walk/ sneak a peak at the television if it's switched on so I locked myself inside and stuck a post it above the door knob that questioned my need to go out of the room. The criteria was if I needed to use the "toilet", get "water" or if a fire broke out in my house and I needed to escape. Yes, I'm pretty darn serious about this :-) 

Honestly, sleeping has been the most convenient escape for me and I have been having really strange dreams as well (and somehow I have been remembering them quite vividly - as can be seen from my previous blog post) Just yesterday, I dreamt about being in Hogwarts, though I shall not touch on the details :-) It was really fun though. But yes, sleep is for the weak when you're running out of time :-( It's not that I want to deprive my body of sleep (I used to do this) but I have been sleeping way too much than my body even requires. 

Apart from sticking post-its around my room, I've been surviving on: 

C A N D Y :-) Anyone who knows me would know I need my sugar!

C A N D L E S :-) Especially scented ones! These two are burning out though and I've yet to find really good candles that smell super nice :-( 

Oh and another candle that I haven't used before because I don't feel like melting it down - it's so pretty! It's shaped like a stereo :-) 

Yup so I light the candles with matchsticks (Guides pride) and leave it at the side of my table when I'm studying :-) It keeps me from dozing off because I know that there's a fire and I shouldn't leave it unattended. 

Oh, and I make all my notes for all subjects for EYAs in one handy notebook so that I'd be able to refer to them easily and when I go out to revise, I just need to carry one book! 

Yes so here's where I work HAHA it is super messy - I find it artistically messy though because I'm constantly facing words of encouragement and sweet notes from my friends which I placed in front of me. 

Oh and I'm constantly motivated by my own face (given by Channel 5 heh heh) and Zac Efron's face on the High School Musical posters. 

Today, however, I decided to take a break from my room and head out to the dining room to annotate my Literature text because it was getting a bit too stuffy in the room. Plus, when I do Lit, I like to do it in an open environment with minimal things around me :-)

"Everything but the Brain" and tea :') 

This tea is damn good by the way - Mango & Strawberry black tea by Dilmah! It smells super good and it's not bland to taste - like you can actually taste mango and strawberry so it was amazing :') It's my first time trying it actually, and I'm definitely going to drink this quite often in future!

Oh and unfortunately for me, I had to turn to hot pink panadol today :-( So I was feeling horrible but I'm much better now! #ladiesproblems

With me hiding my phone and turning off my Internet, most of my entertainment comes from myself and my trusty piano :-) To be honest, I never imagined that the piano would be an avenue for me to let off my stress because it used to be the instrument that induced stress in me. I recently turned to it and it is quite amazing :') I am, however, quite an embarrassment because despite having a Grade 8 certificate, I am playing super basic songs for like 5 year olds.

It is Disney though - who can deny that? :') It makes me feel really good playing these songs because first, I love them and second, it feels like I'm really good at sight- reading when I'm really not. 

 Mega-Hit movies, wow :') 

Getting my geek mode on :-) 

Alright, just seven days more, jiayou everyone! This is actually quite exciting :-) 

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