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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello friends :-) 

As mentioned in my previous post, I went to catch the play "Everything But The Brain" with Wang, Sarah, Phionna & Swan on Sunday (18 August) and it was such a pleasant and enjoyable day! Before the play (which I have already blogged about), we headed on a little adventure to Strictly Pancakes for dinner. Everyone has been raving about this place for quite some time now but I haven't gotten to try it so I was very excited - of course, I love food! 

Strictly Pancakes is located at 44A Prinsep Street, which is a little further down the SOTA area and the nearest MRT should be Dhoby Ghaut so we all met at Plaza Singapura first before walking to the place. It was quite a rush as Strictly Pancakes open at 6pm for the second shift on Sunday while our play starts at 7.30pm (at least, we all thought it did - it actually started at 8pm so we basically rushed for nothing but that aside) so we had to do everything in a rush; felt like quite an adventure though. 

It was quite a distance from Dhoby Ghaut though, so we walked....

Swan, Phionna & Sarah! 

And walked....

Wang You! :-) 

And walked!!!

We then stumbled upon rockstar at Orchard 22, which is a really quirky store with a really cool concept selling things like shoes, bags, and even things like notebooks and french dictionaries - everything was very interesting to look at :-) Basically, it's a multi-label store which is pretty cool as it's like a one-stop shop! There was even a Plain Vanilla pop-up bakery within the store selling their signature cupcakes as rockstar was celebrating their 4th birthday and they had some collaboration together.

However, we were rushing for time so we didn't stay in the store for long. 

SHOES :-) 

Finally got to Prinsep Street! I really like this area of Singapore - it has many speciality shops and somehow the architecture of many of the buildings there captivate me a great deal :') Beautiful place, I'd love to come here after EYAs armed with a camera and perhaps good company! 

Yay reached Strictly Pancakes

It wasn't even 6pm but there were quite a few people already queuing outside - I think that they're really busy during the weekends so go there early if you don't want to be disappointed! However, I personally found that the staff there were quite organized and were fairly trained to handle large crowds professionally, which was great. 

Sarah the duck :-)

I have a personal preference for eateries in shop houses as they give off a very cool vibe; it's like Holland V and Upper Thomson Road! 

They opened promptly at 6pm, which was nice and we were seated in no time as we were third in the queue. 

Chalkboard menu! :-) 

Actual menu! :-) 

At Strictly Pancakes, they have quite a wide selection of pancake kinds - there's savoury and sweet pancakes and they also have things like sandwiches, finger food and drinks. 





We decided to share three plates of pancakes amongst the five of us. At first, I was a little worried that it would be too little as I assumed that people eat one plate each but it was just right - in fact, it was still a little too much! Plus I consider myself to be a fairly big eater, so don't order too much at first go. However, as it was a full house that night, our pancakes were estimated to be ready in 30mins and that caused us to be a bit flustered because that'd mean it'll arrive only at around 6.40pm which would give us only 50min to eat and to travel to DBS Arts Centre.

Note to self: Visit Strictly Pancakes only if you have lots of time and don't have anything to rush to! :-) 

Maple syrup and garlic & herbs flavoured butter! It came with the savoury pancakes we ordered.

We were all extremely hungry by then (I ate lunch at 10.30am that day - don't ask me why) and couldn't wait the whole 30min so we decided to get some chicken wings to share as the snacks take less time to prepare (plus the couple sitting next to us ordered them and it smelled like heaven coated in crisp batter and deep fried)

Chic Wings - $8 for 4 wings and 4 drumlets! :-) 

Though it was quite an impulsive buy, I don't think any one of us regretted the decision to get the chicken wings - it was really hot which warmed our bellies :') It wasn't super salty or anything either. All of us love chicken as well (you should see us in the canteen in school) so we were super happy kids! I don't particularly like the sauce that came with it though, I think it was hot sauce (like Tobasco) and it wasn't very necessary. 

Then our pancakes came! :-) 

"What-A-Spread" & "Bananas-Scotched", $11 each from the sweet menu & "Garlic Buttered Prawns", $14 from the savoury menu! 

"What-A-Spread" is basically pancakes with Nutella and peanut butter sandwiched in between the layers, with Kinder Bueno on top and a scoop of vanilla ice cream complementing it! Initially, I expected this to be my favourite out of the three we ordered because I love chocolate and peanut butter but it was a bit on a dry side even with the condensed milk drizzled over the top. 

"Bananas-Scotched" was my favourite :') It wasn't overly fancy - just pancakes drowned in good old caramelized bananas, served with vanilla ice cream! We opted out from the rum though. I think it's confirmed that anything with caramel just works very well for me. I loved it that the pancakes were really soaked in the caramelized juices and bananas are one of my favourite fruits (I'm probably the only one who drinks the banana shake in school hur hur) /cue banana song/ so this was amazing for me! I don't think the rest of them liked it that much though - it was incredibly sweet.

Finally the savoury pancake - garlic buttered prawns! I had so many doubts about it because I simply cannot stand the thought of a savoury pancake; that's akin to a salty pancake. And my intuition was right; I had a mouthful of that and didn't go for another. It felt so weird to me because the base of the pancake was sweet yet the sauce over it was garlic butter, as the name goes. Also, I don't particularly like garlic or prawns so this one didn't work well for me. I had a prawn on its own (i.e without the pancake) and it was incredibly juicy so I guess I can understand why some people like this. Afterall, the four other people loved this dish so much and couldn't comprehend why I hated it. 

Ugh savoury pancakes not ever again!

They felt guilty for eating so much and decided to pose for the camera eating veggies. 

Me and ma banana homies ;-)

Three pancakes for five people is more than enough, really! :') It was surprisingly super filling and we were all stuffed. I think that there's an option for some to cut down the number of pancakes from three to two (your pancakes will cost $1 less) so that's an option if you'd like to try more flavours/ there on your own/ small eater. 

And we're full, satisfied kids! :-) All of them are super pretty why do I have such pretty friends :')


Wang! :-) 

Sarah! :-) 

Swan! :-) 

 Hurhur and me! :-) 

We rushed to the DBS Arts Centre - we had to take a bus and when we got down, some of us literally ran to the place because we had to collect tickets first and there wasn't going to be an intermission - if we were late, we'd miss the entire show! When we got there though, we realized that the play started at 8pm, not 7.30pm and we could've stayed for a longer time at Strictly Pancakes or not sweat so much.

It was a wonderful wonderful day though :') If you'd like to read about Everything But The Brain, scroll down - I've blogged about it!

Great food, great company & great entertainment! I am so blessed.

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